Somehow I have grown: The heart-opening power of Panchakarma


By Guest contributor Nafisseh Soroudi 

I have a cousin who regularly goes to India to do panchakarma. As a long-timer New Yorker, she says this practice is what keeps her sane. I was intrigued by her experience but had not considered it for myself until I began to experience some digestive and emotional issues that I wanted to get to the heart of. 

I found Hale Pule’s program and was attracted to Myra Lewin’s wisdom. I wanted to learn from her and heal my body at the same time. I signed up for panchakarma with these priorities. 

​The surprising benefits of panchakarma

The program was really well laid out. I didn’t have to think too much about what was coming next, yet I knew that my individual needs were being met. In my consultation and check-ins throughout the program, I learned how to care for myself during panchakarma and in life beyond. 

The practices were so healing and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I have done colonics in the past, but found that the basti was a much better experience. I felt hydrated from the inside out. My skin glowed afterward.

Outside of the physical benefits, I was transformed emotionally through the process of panchakarma. I felt lighter and more grounded. Calmer, more hopeful, joyous and playful. I was less worried than when I began. And through daily pranayama and meditation, I reintroduced myself to my God/love within. I had disowned that part of my life for a long time and it was nice to connect with that energy again by seeing it in terms of nature and the universe. 

A new softness appeared in my internal dialogue and in how I related to others. When an issue with my brother came up that normally would have triggered me into anger, I was able to let go and choose kindness instead. I began to own my part of my behavior, and that has felt wonderful. 

​The transformation of panchakarma

Even a few weeks after I completed panchakarma, I still felt the effects. I’ve brought home many of the practices. I have gotten back into the habit of waking up early for pranayama and meditation. I have begun to integrate more vegetables and spices in every meal and am balancing augmenting and extractive foods. I’m working my way into eating three meals a day, stopping grazing or snacking throughout the day and feeling healthy and energized. 

The process of panchakarma brought about a total transformation in terms of my understanding of how to live by my own rhythm and more in sync nature. I felt like I am more in control of my happiness, but without having to really control anything. Somehow I have grown and I feel grateful for it.

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