All life is made up of energy. Our experience goes far beyond the physical, yet few people have more than just a fleeting awareness of this. Whether or not we recognize it in the moment, the energy in people, places and things has an effect on our lives. Yet even those who have experienced these subtle realms often lack a framework for working with, clearing or harnessing the energy.
Hale Pule’s unique Intuitive Energy Healings offer a path to better approach the energy of life. By clearing old or stuck energy from your chakras, aura and physical body, you can begin to see a brighter, clearer side of yourself.

“Let your intuition be your guide”

Energy permeates everything: our environment and our being. Each of us carries an innate power to read and work with energy, otherwise known as intuition.

In an Intuitive Energy Healing, Myra will tune into your unique vibration as a spirit and remove what is getting in the way of your true self. The result is a deeper connection to who you really are: a being that is spacious, light and free.

Intuitive Energy Healings will allow you to:

  • Clear energetic clutter accumulated through life experience.
  • Let go of destructive habits.
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs that keep you from living your full truth.
  • Release pain from past traumas.
  • Develop harmony in your relationships.
  • Learn new ways of interacting with yourself and your emotions.
  • Gain more energy, clarity and joy.

Enjoy lasting peace and clarity

Tune into your innate well-being

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Myra Lewin

Myra Lewin is a yogini and gifted clairvoyant that has been offering intuitive energy healings for more than 20 years. By releasing low-vibration energy that stands in your way, Myra will shine a light on your true nature.

Explore our guided meditations

We also offer guided Intuitive Energy Practice meditations as audio downloads, including a free recording of the basic tools that we use in healings and in evening meditations we offer students and guests. Using these tools daily will clear your subtle energy channels, allow you to develop a stronger sense of who you are and bring clarity to your life.