What is Agni Therapy?

Agni Therapy is a proven 4-week breakthrough experience designed to take the guesswork out of healing digestive issues naturally.





Digestive problems are affecting so many people who suffer in silence.


  • symptoms of IBS; cramping, bloating, diarrhea and loose stools, constipation or straining, reflux and flatulence
  • anxiety or depression without circumstance
  • skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • losing weight and stubborn belly fat despite extensive dieting
  • female hormone imbalances from PMS, to PCOS, to endometriosis, to hormone related acne
  • an auto-immune condition and would like a starting point to resolve it with food and lifestyle
  • low energy, foggy brain and fatigue relieved by eating
  • carbohydrate cravings, low or high blood sugar, inability to miss a meal
  • finding a healthy detox and reset option

Living with these health challenges can be painful and even embarrassing. That, in turn, can become isolating and lonely. Even though you move ahead with a brave face, it's a heavy burden to carry. An unnecessary burden!

"Hi, Myra here - let me share my story with you very briefly. All my life I struggled with my digestion and related problems, and tried everything you can possibly think of to find a solution. Most things helped only temporarily if at all. I felt desperate and reached a real low. I thought there was no way out, and wanted to quit life! When I discovered Ayurveda and Yoga as a whole system … my life turned a corner, everything lifted. Even then it took years of learning to perfect my complete solution to digestive issues which has helped thousands of people just like you. Now for the first time this complete program is available entirely online.

You can be free too. You can heal your gut, your body and your life. Imagine what your life will be like once you are free of digestive issues? How would you feel to just plan your days without a second thought about toilets or anxiety about eating? What would you do differently? Today, tomorrow, next weekend? How would carefree and confident look for you? I’m inviting you to close your eyes and really feel into that ... I promise you it's possible for you too."

Hear how people just like you have benefitted …


  • Look forward to eating instead of dreading it
  • Feel energized after eating and throughout the day
  • Experience a sense of calmness and clarity
  • Enjoy better moods and improved relationships
  • Focus and perform better at work
  • Eliminate embarrassing sounds and odors from your gut
  • Feel confident that you know exactly what to eat, uniquely for you

Agni Therapy key concepts

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1. Key Concepts

Start the journey of knowing yourself. A deep dive on the concept of Agni, and an introduction to the Doshas.

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2. Nourish Your Body

Healing your digestion with an Ayurvedic approach to food.
Recipes, meal plans, shopping list, resources.

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3. Dinacharya

Create your daily routine and begin to master subtle energy work. Connect to your intuition, which will guide you to make your best choices.

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4. Pranayama & Meditation

Manage your mind and energy. Drop negative tendencies and access your calm center with these gentle yet powerful techniques.

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5. Sustainable Asana

Yoga designed for life-long practice. Replenish your prana - your life force, harmonize your mind and enhance your energy.

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6. Connect to Your Senses

Explore how the use of your senses is the key to a healthy gut.


The program already gives you everything you need to live happy, healthy and free, but we want to offer you these tools to support you to stay on track and thrive in your daily life after the program.

Dine with Myra

7 complete days of nourishing Ayurvedic recipes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you don't need to wonder what to prepare to feel good.

Refocusing Rituals

For when distractions come up and old habits creep in. This will support you to resume without guilt, shame, or perfectionism.

Conscious Kitchen Guide

For self-healers who feel short on time. Streamline your cooking and eating so that you can deeply nourish yourself.

Refocusing Rituals

To nourishing yourself and being at ease while eating out and travelling.

Learn how to resolve the root cause of your health challenges.


Heal your digestion and your body by taking a genuinely holistic approach. Eliminate the true root cause, build your immunity and enhance your vitality as you experience your whole being joyful, light, and free. You will ultimately align with your vision...the true vision of yourself.

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What to expect

If you wish, you're free to go entirely at your own pace. However we do encourage you to experience the program within the 4 week timeframe.

Each week builds upon the previous. First explore the foundational principles of Ayurveda. Then expand each day with the tools provided to elevate your well-being and vitality and step fully into your life.

Yes! Join today アグニセラピーを始める

week 1

First you will learn about Agni and why knowing this Ayurvedic concept will revolutionize your relationship with food. If you’ve tried all the diets, you're struggling with weight, or find that a lot of foods cause pain rather than pleasure, this week will be a breakthrough. Finally, experience relief by using 5 simple techniques at each meal.

week 2

The act of eating is sacred. It is one of the few things that you do daily to connect you to the natural world. The time at which you eat and the quality of the food directly correspond to seasonal rhythm. Establishing a consistent daily practice will prepare you for Week 3, the Digestive Reset, as well as in the months and years to come.

week 3

You will be guided step-by-step through a seven day Digestive Reset. Be curious, open, and ready for change. This is a week to relish and reflect. You will find guidance from the week long meal plan, sustenance in balanced food, and expansion through daily meditations. We got you covered on all levels.

week 4

Agni Therapy is designed to empower your choices and optimize not only how you digest food but life. You will notice an improvement in your energy, mood, and how you feel throughout the day. In this final week, deepen your relationship with agni through Yoga Asana, Conscious Breathing, and the Balanced Eating Guide. Take what you’ve learned about holistic eating, and live it. Experience a new found freedom which comes from a sustainable rather than restrictive approach to how and what you eat.


Intuitive, perceptive and courageous, master teacher and spiritual guide Myra Lewin is a gifted healer and explorer of the infinite possibilities of being and becoming. Myra embodies an uncommon integrity. She lives by the guidance of her heart, and according to the principles that she teaches. Above all, Myra values simplicity: the ease of the present moment where all things are possible.

Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist (AYT), Myra Lewin is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and Yoga Alliance (ERYT 500). A master yogini, Myra has amassed more than 50,000 hours of Yoga teaching experience spanning 30 years of practice. She is also the author of four acclaimed books on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cookning, and is the host of two remarkable podcasts on holistic healing, “Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule” and “Spark Your Intuition”.

What participants are saying

Wow. It gave me a glimpse of what true wellbeing looks and feels like. This program was very much about connection for me - or reconnection to myself and life. I was very moved by all the processes. The gentle prompts from Myra really gave me pause to evaluate the choices I had been making in the past. There was a marked disconnect I had from my body and digestive system, that this course helped to bridge. I have a newfound respect for the intelligence of the body.

My experience was very lovely. I was a bit apprehensive at first because typically I am not so into online programs as I have trouble to keep focus or feel inspired. But this changed my mind a bit, as I felt it to be really powerful to have this learning and be able to really fine tune it to daily life as it was being brought directly into it. I love the q&a sessions and feel so grateful for the time being given towards this space. I loved the connection with others and felt so good to have a place to share and express struggles and triumphs and hear others as well.

I have been all over the map trying different protocols to increase my vitality and wellbeing. From green juicing to Palio, different supplements, so much more. These weren’t sustainable, and I would start to miss and crave comfort, addictive food. I loved the well laid out approach. Such a beautiful wholistic approach to entire lifestyle that was given. I felt empowered, and capable of shifting some patterns successfully. 

First off, with all the gas and bloating gone I am much more socially acceptable. But more importantly, the program gave me life long tools on how to take care of myself and an understanding on the importance of consistency. It's a form of recovery, which means the longer you stay with it the more your life improves and the more your life improves the longer you stay with it! My biggest takeaway is a deeper breakthrough on how to handle my emotional eating. I am much clearer on how to check in with myself and think things through when the urge to emotionally eat hits me. This will be a life-changing experience.

If you’ve been on a long journey of trying to solve your digestive problems, this program offers great wisdom that I would not have been exposed to otherwise.

Now is the time

Regardless of however stuck you might feel right now, how uncomfortable, or how frustrated, your potential for feeling well and living a healthy life is real. You can empower yourself in the healing process. You can step up into your life and become who you truly are. 

By joining Agni Therapy you’ll receive

The ultimate framework for hormone & digestive health for digestion, hormones, skin, anxiety, weight, cravings, energy, clear mind, auto-immune, and connection with self and others.

The secrets of Agni, your hidden power, foundational Ayurvedic principles and practices (Yoga asana, pranayama, dinacharya, & more), cooking principles and simple tridoshic balance bowl system.

Daily and weekly guidance to easily implement a holistic system of essential practices for a happy, healthy life.
Mastering mindset practices, Intuitive Energy Practices or guided meditations, as well as tracking and journaling tools.

A guided Ayurvedic cleanse to reset your digestion, agni, and health.

1-on-1 Agni Therapy specialized consultation with a Hale Pule Practitioner to customize and fast track your healing journey. In my personal and professional experience, I have come to understand that real change comes with commitment so I ask that you use the consultation within 6 months of purchasing the program.

Your questions answered by our supportive and knowledgeable community guides, so you're never stuck.

Q&A recordings for when you want to go deeper.

Warm community of like-minded natural health seekers, walking the same path. You are not alone


  • Conscious Kitchen Guide how to setup your kitchen to make cooking quick and fun.
  • Refocusing Rituals Guide for getting back on track without guilt, shame or perfectionism when old habits or distractions arise.
  • Out & About Guide tips to nourishing yourself with ease while eating out or traveling. 
  • Dine with Myra 7 days of Myra's favorite nourishing Ayurvedic recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 5 Ways You’re Lowering Your Libido without realizing it and what to do instead.
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies Guide a simple Ayurvedic home remedies toolkit for your most common needs.




Join today アグニセラピーを始める


What kind of support will I receive in the program?

Within the program there is a community Feed. In this platform your questions are always answered by our responsive and knowledgeable community moderators. Feel supported and never get stuck. (+ access to a library of Q&A recordings for when you want to go deeper)

How long will I have access to the program?

Once purchased, you will always have access to the program content. We want you to have the tools for as long as they support you! People often return to Agni Therapy throughout the year for a tune up, especially at the change of season when agni is vulnerable.

How long do I have to book my 1-on-1 consultation?

You have 6 months from the time you purchase to book your 1-on-1 consultation.

How much time is required?

We encourage you to take the time in the beginning to organize and plan so the path is clear. You will need to set aside 2 hours per week to engage with the material, videos, meditations, etc. Your dinacharya or daily routine will adapt based on the program’s framework. You will also need to plan time each day to prepare, cook, and eat your meals.

What is the refund policy? What if it is not what I expect? 

We hope that it doesn't occur, but if so, we offer a 7 day guarantee/refund.

If you participate fully, ask for support when you need it, and you still don’t feel that the program is for you, we’ll issue you a prompt refund. Your refund request must be submitted within 7 days from the date of your purchase.

Will the tools and resources provided in this program permanently heal my digestive issues?

Yes. You will learn what you need to heal your digestion and for as long as you apply those principles, your digestion will continue to improve.

Keep in mind that it took a long time to get your digestion where it is now. In Agni Therapy you begin to unravel those patterns and replace them with diet and lifestyle practices that point you in the direction of healing. Keep doing the practices and healing will continue to take place.

Do you have people who have completed this program with success?

Yes, many. See these case studies and testimonials from my digestive health masterclass.

I have (insert condition/diagnosis). Will Agni Therapy work for me?

There are a growing number of named conditions and diagnoses these days. Ayurveda is a holistic approach that brings balance to the root cause of these problems by balancing the doshas, caring for agni and clearing ama/metabolic toxins.

The exceptions would be if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or have type one diabetes, we recommend you have a consultation so we can tailor areas of the program to you. If you are still unsure whether Agni Therapy will be supportive to you then be in touch with us - info@halepule.com

When can I expect to see and feel the results?

While each person is unique, we’ve noticed clients experience results almost immediately. The body has many indicators and is communicating with us all the time. You’re likely to see changes on your tongue in two or three days. The brightness in your skin and eyes will increase in one week. If you are carrying extra weight, that will begin to come off when you follow the eating guidelines in week three.

How do I follow the program and still cook for my family?

We recommend people ask their family to be supportive of them doing the program. Explain to your loved ones why you want to do it, and how it will make you feel.

Sometimes we think our family will be one way and we don’t give them a chance to show up for us. Logistically your family can share many of the same meals as you are having. There may be some elements that they do differently to you if they choose to add things, but the basis of the meal can be the same.

Can I do Agni Therapy if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend the Digestive Reset in week 3 of the program. What is most important during this time is nourishing yourself and the baby. You will be able to do most of the practices and meal adjustments in all other weeks. As Agni Therapy is a program, where once you are enrolled you are a member for life, you can return at a later time for the Digestive Reset.

Is this program for me if I have trouble seeing things to completion?

Yes. The practices and lifestyle guidance provided will help you calm and balance that aspects of yourself that keep you from finishing things.

Are there any extra expenses outside of the course cost?

There are certain food items that you will cook with daily such as ghee and spices. If you don’t already have these, then you will need to purchase them. The feedback we have from those in the program is that food costs decrease significantly in the long run.

You might like to get a meditation pillow or a yoga mat if you do not have them. Having a special place to do your practices helps to set the energy and maintain regularity.

What if I cannot access some of the ingredients where I live?

Most of the fresh ingredients suggested are commonly found in a fresh produce store or at a farmers market.

Hale Pule provides a framework so that if you cannot find one item, you can replace it with something else that has similar qualities. If you’re unsure of the best thing to replace it with, we'll advise you. If you cannot source certain dried goods in your area, you can order them online and we can recommend a website to do that depending on where you live.

Is yoga a component of this program and when should it be done?

There are no rules about when to do your practices. We recommend that people do their practices (yoga asana and meditation) first thing in the morning because there are fewer distractions.

In the morning you have a fresh mind AND you get to enjoy the benefits of the practices all day long. If another time works better for you, that’s great too.

How do I continue to apply Agni Therapy to my own life after the program?

Think of the program as laying the foundation. Once you are complete you can apply your life to that new foundation. Things in your life may feel different. People experience emotional and energetic shifts that help them to see themselves and their life more clearly.

In the community group you have support and advice from many others who have completed the program and integrated it into their own lives.

You have ongoing access to the program materials as well as Bonus content specifically designed to support you going forward once the program is complete.

I have already done a kitchari cleanse, how is this different?

There are many parts to this program that prepare the body and mind to receive nourishment. Kitchari is just one small aspect of the overall program. Kitchari is a simple meal to cook and eat but kitchari alone is just that. In Ayurveda we say “for whom and when”. The state of digestion is what determines the effect that the food has on our bodies and state of mind.

I have already studied Ayurveda, how is this different?

Agni Therapy is designed for you to incorporate many of the tools of Ayurveda and Yoga into your life at home.

It is the first time we have offered guided videos for practices and a robust archive of recorded Q&As with Myra Lewin, checking in and supporting you as you go. Some things in Agni Therapy you may be familiar with. Remember that Ayurveda is not something we know, it is something we do. If you are not consistently practicing the tools of Ayurveda in your everyday life, you will be sure to benefit from Agni Therapy.

Is there a set eating plan?

Week one is an introduction and orientation. We also provide recipes and guidance on how to begin shifting your meals and dinacharya. Weeks two - four there is a set eating plan with simple recipes that are easy to follow. Within that framework, you can do what works for you using ingredients that are local to you and cooking cuisines that you enjoy eating.

I don’t use ghee. Will this still work for me?

For those who prefer not to have ghee for personal reasons, you could swap the ghee out for another oil such as olive oil if you are in a cool climate, sesame oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil if you are in a hot tropical climate.

When butter becomes ghee, it goes through a transformation process where the milk solids are removed. People that may have had problems with lactose or dairy, do not have any issues with ghee and thrive using it as ghee supports their digestion. Understand that all of these oils do not have the same supportive properties as ghee and they do challenge digestion somewhat.

Can this be accessed without the internet?

No. You will need the internet to access the program content, the community feed, and any special events. All of which is published on Mighty Networks. You will also need internet to be able to download the supportive written content.

Do I need to be on Facebook to do Agni Therapy?

No, this program is hosted on Mighty Networks; a safe and private platform free of distractions and advertisements where you can still enjoy all the benefits of connecting with a growing community.

Is this an introduction to one of your other courses?

In a way, yes. For all students who work with us, whether to be an Ayurvedic Health Advisor or Health Counselor, Ayurvedic chef, Yoga teacher or treatment therapist, we ask that you apply and integrate the principles first to yourself.

Would you recommend Home Panchakarma before or after the program?

Panchakarma at Home is a very deep process. Doing Agni Therapy prior to panchakarma is an excellent thing to do to prepare the body to receive the most from panchakarma. Once complete you can apply the principles of Agni Therapy. The two endeavors are complementary.

How does this program fit to different doshas? How do we know what is best for our unique constitution?

The recipes provided are tri-doshic and designed to balance excess in all of the three doshas. During the program you will learn to plan and enjoy meals that work for anyone because all ingredients are enjoyed in moderation.

There is a good deal of information about the doshas in the program to help you understand your tendencies and imbalances.