Expand and deepen your Yoga practice

Holistic Yoga with Hale Pule

is a video resource library of a sustainable holistic approach to asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and meditation. It's an essential and valuable resource for any devoted student or teacher of yoga who wants to establish a transformative home practice.

This one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to the tools to support a strong and vibrant Yoga practice.Think of Holistic Yoga as your personal online resource library. A collection that you can access at any time from anywhere. Pop in and out when you’re looking to fine tune, refresh, or devote more energy to your home practice or deepen your skills as a teacher and guide.

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Be Supported and Remain Devoted


The materials are organized in chapters, starting with an Orientation and Introduction to the Foundational Principles within Yoga. It then goes into specific asana, pranayama, and meditation practices, offering variations that suit most any level.

These are priceless components and essentials for any student or teacher of Yoga asana.


With over 35 videos of Myra teaching…

you will be guided through how to build the pose from the ground up for best structural alignment, and the flow of prana. Your Yoga practice should allow you to fully come toward a state of union, fullness, ease, harmony, and flow, without risk of injury or causing imbalance.


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In addition to the above, we have included a full library of pranayama practices including nadi shodhana, brahmari, yoni mudra and a powerful sequence for calming the doshas:  four purifications. There are also guided meditations, videos and support materials related to mudra and mantra. 

And to top it all, a collection of videos and how to’s for you to establish and maintain a dinacharya (daily routine) rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda.


  • Foundations of Yoga as a practice for calming the mind.
  • Asana foundations, sequencing, and practice guidelines.
  • Guided audio asana sequences from master teacher Myra Lewin (Myra has amassed more than 100,000 hours of Yoga teaching experience spanning 30 years of practice.)
  • A robust Yoga Library of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and more.
  • Access immediately!

Note: This is a one time purchase, at which time you will have lifetime access to the materials instantly. There is no live, one on one coaching, Q&A, or community support component to this product.

If you value personalized coaching and guidance consider a Yoga Consultation.