Sleep Deeply | Empty your mind before bed with this practice 


There are a lot of people who have difficulty with sleep. Are you one of them? One thing to consider is if you’re taking in stimulants such as caffeine in any form. Naturally these are going to affect your sleep because they remain in the body for many hours after being consumed. 

Restful restorative sleep is not only about calming down the body, but also the mind. Our mind frequently takes us on detours that we don’t need to go on. Rather than searching for a remedy outside of myself, I’ve found that restful sleep is the result of having a quiet mind. The work for this takes place internally. This is why we emphasize pranayama, or breathing exercises and meditation. 

These practices assist you to know yourself inside. The mind moves through different stages of sleep. There is the waking state; though some of us may feel asleep at times while walking around in life. Then there is sleep with dreams, which can actually be quite tiring as the mind is still active. 

Deep sleep is tranquil and restorative. This is the sleep when the mind rests  and truly settles. You wake up feeling refreshed. Many things in life impact our sleep, stimulants are just one. Leave them out as a first step to experience deep rest and rejuvenation. 

The practice of turning your attention inward is most effective. It’s where everything is happening. Seeking remedies outside of yourself can certainly be helpful, but, remember, the solution is inside. Coupled with your willingness to go there, great results will come. 

Five minutes of meditation or quiet contemplation will create spaciousness. During the meditation, you may find your mind to be busier and more agitated than you ever realized before. It can be a kind of purging. Each time you practice, don't be concerned with ‘how well’ you do it, rather notice how it feels during and after. Allow yourself the space to let go of the day. As you continue the 5 minute meditation, you’ll be able to go to bed in peace and experience deeper rest. 

5 min meditation practice with the breath

In a comfortable seated position, supported with a wall or chair is okay. Allow your breath to fill your body from the inside out. This keeps the cells functioning optimally and brings the body to a state of ease. Or you can lay on grass, or  sand and the body can relax and become one with all of the elements in that moment.

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