Is your comfort zone too comfortable?


Are you hiding in your comfort zone? If you are, learning and growth stop. Nothing will change and you will not evolve.

So what exactly is your comfort zone?

It’s a place of ease. Nothing is testing or challenging you and there is no grit in your oyster shell. Nothing new is happening, and nothing is unfamiliar. You feel in control of your situation and you avoid uncertainty. You are reluctant to leave this safe bubble. Your comfort zone is sattvic (serene, harmonious, and balanced.) Sounds nice, but if you stay here too long to avoid the discomfort of change, it will become tamasic (stagnant and stuck.) The longer you stay, the harder to change.

You know your comfort zone is tamasic when you are slowly withering inside. The stagnation of tamas sets in when you cling to familiar old habits because you are frightened to rock the boat you share with people you care about.

It is human nature to gravitate to the familiar, like taking the same route to work every day. It takes effort and courage to change things, especially if there is a fear of failure or the unknown.

However, it is your nature to change and grow and, with the help of Ayurveda, you can keep evolving throughout your lifetime.

Consider expanding your comfort zone rather than stepping out of it altogether. A little rajasic energy (passionate movement) is enough. Too much and you will find yourself out of balance.

The first step is to observe where you have fixed beliefs or habits. Witness your thoughts and beliefs without judgment. Then be willing to question and challenge them.

Ask yourself this question: “Who says?”

Or: “What evidence do I have that it’s impossible to change that habit?”

Then take action. Just one uncomfortable step at a time will work. Do something differently, and expand your comfort zone ever so slightly. Then wait again until you feel sattvic (balanced and peaceful) in the expanded zone. When you feel a little opening, take another rajasic step and fill the space again. Rest, rinse, and repeat.

Observe and play with the energies of the mahagunas - sattva, rajas, and tamas - as they move through your life and use them to grow an ever-increasing cycle of comfort, discomfort, comfort, and possibility.

Skillful life mastery opens a space for joy to flow through your life.

After all, this is why we are here, life is meant to be enjoyed.

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