Have you heard of ama? An Ayurvedic approach to cleansing


It’s time to start feeling more vibrant and energized

Often clients share with me that they feel like their body is not functioning at its best, no matter how hard they try to eat well and exercise regularly. They notice a sense of sluggishness, stiffness, and being weighed down. 

Perhaps you too are experiencing  digestive issues, such as bloating or constipation and just can't seem to shake off that foggy, dull feeling. 

Maybe you’ve even noticed a coating on your tongue in the morning or an unpleasant taste in your mouth?

In Ayurveda, these are indicators of accumulated ama in the body. Ama refers to metabolic toxins.

But metabolic toxins don’t just happen. They are the result of something; a sign that something is going on deeper. Understanding the root cause of increased ama can greatly benefit your health and wellbeing. 

Practical tips on how you can reduce ama in your body 


A weak digestive system is one of the main causes of ama in your body.


When you’re unable to properly digest your food it hangs around in your digestive tract and creates a toxic environment. These toxins (ama) can build up over time and disrupt your natural balance. 

Think of it like clogging a drain. Just as a drain can become obstructed with debris and prevent water from flowing freely, ama can build up in the body, creating a sticky, toxic substance and impeding the natural flow of energy.

The result is more indigestion, leading to all kinds of imbalances. In fact, ama is said to be the main cause of disease.


Support your digestion and restore balance

Just like a drain, your body’s channels need to be cleared of toxins regularly. 

One way you can support proper elimination of ama is by incorporating Kitchari into your diet. Kitchari is a staple dish in Ayurveda, made up of cooked white basmati rice, mung beans, ghee and spices. It has been passed down through centuries of Ayurvedic practice.


Two of the most noticeable characteristics of kitchari is that it’s easy to digest while still being nourishing. Because of this it is used in recovery, illness, and cleansing to give the digestive system a break. 


What you can do today

Start by learning this approach to food and cooking with Simple Ayurvedic CookingKnow how and what to cook to reduce ama for good with this short online cooking class. 

It’s packed with recipes, food combining tips, and cooking lessons with me. It’s a great way to reduce ama with tools and practices that you can implement immediately for lasting change.


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