Exploring the kitchen | New ways to approach a daily act


In Flow with Ayurveda and Yoga*, our monthly membership, we took an exploratory dive into the ways we can nourish ourselves. The result was, Kitchen Quests, a playful way to discover how cooking and being in the kitchen can be creative and fun. 

Before beginning these quests, we recommend taking some time to declutter the space in your kitchen where you’ll work. This not only reduces tamas and sets the intention for a calm cooking process, but also brings ritual to the meal creation. The result: a nourishing meal for both the body and mind.

Start with just one cupboard or one drawer a week. Keep surfaces clear and put away things that are not being used. Keep your sink and fridge clean. These small tasks are simple but make a profound difference to how we interact with our kitchen space and the energy around cooking. 

Light a candle in a corner and let it remind you of your inner light and ability to shine. You may be pleasantly surprised that in treating your kitchen in this way you’ll be invited, even encouraged to enter.

Kitchen Quests

  • Create a spice combination you've never used before.

  • Have you ever made chapati? Make your own chapati recipe or you can use our recipe to start with. But we encourage you to make it your own. 

  • Short on time and want something that you can prepare in tinder 30 minutes? Choose items that cook quick. Here are some tips:

    • White rice

    • Legume: split mung beans, green beans, edamame, or peas

    • Augmenting vegetables: carrots, fennel, cucumber, squash

    • Extractive vegetables: most of them cook pretty quickly

    • Use a pressure cooker (electric or stove top) to reduce cook time

    • Cook multiple ingredients in the same pot (or do an Ayurvedic one-pot)

  • Pack a balance bowl. Take a thermos with you to work or an event. Here’s a tip: get two thermoses. One for the vegetables and one for grain and legume/meat. Sushi burritos also pack easily.

If you’re new to Hale Pule and this sounds interesting, consider - Agni Therapy or even an Ayurvedic Health Consultation. Both lead to lasting, sustainable well-being. 

*Flow with Ayurveda and Yoga provides step-by-step support, encouragement, and guidance from Myra and the team as you integrate your Agni Therapy practices long term. Having completed Agni Therapy is required to join. 

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