Choosing natural healing for true health


By Guest contributor Judy Michaels Safford

I often find my hand resting on my heart in gratitude for natural healing.

In 2013, I found myself in a time of sickness, facing what appeared to be an allergy to most foods. Nine months of coughing and hives led me to a specialist. Two cortisone shots and surgery seemed to relieve the problem. I was ecstatic and relieved to sleep and eat again until the doctor told me more. I was informed that cortisone would be my friend twice a year along with sleeping on a wedge pillow for silent reflux. Stunned and puzzled, a fork in the road appeared. The road pointed to Western medicine or natural healing. I had no clue where to begin. Intuition, coincidence, inner guidance or something I have no name for attracted me to Hale Pule and Myra Lewin. The natural Ayurvedic way brought peace to my digestive system. Food allergies and silent reflux are no more.

The evolution of choice deepened when the ophthalmologist recommended cataract surgery.

It is a simple, effective, common surgery with quick recovery. Again, I stood at a crossroads. Books on healing the eyes naturally seemed to fall into my lap. One book showed up from a friend, one from a client and another had been on my bookshelf for forty years. Myra suggested pure castor oil on my feet and one drop in my eyes at night. Castor oil and eye exercises have become part of my daily Ayurvedic routine. I no longer wear glasses. There goes my hand on my heart again!

Each time I find myself at the crossroads, my conviction strengthens.

I healed a sore throat by gargling a half cup warm water and two drops of tea tree oil. Brushing my teeth after each meal with water reaped surprising rewards. The dental hygienist, for the first time ever, commented on the excellent condition of my gums.

I suffered a quarter-sized blood blister on the roof of my mouth from biting the end of a banana peel off. The next day, along with the painful blister, my ear and cheekbone ached. I gargled with a turmeric/mineral salt solution and in 10 days I experienced the power of natural healing.

Recently, I experienced a hearing problem. I was sure it was built-up wax. It turned out that an infection was brewing. The doctor recommended antibiotics. Without hesitation, I thanked her for the information and chose natural healing. Myra suggested a lemon juice/fennel seed tea.

Each crossroads led me to more deeply embrace the healing possibilities of nature and the guidance of Ayurvedic medicine.

Again, my hand finds it way to rest on my grateful heart.

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