Ayurvedic foot care: 4 ways to nourish your feet


​How do your feet feel today?

Aching? Neglected? Could they use a little love and nourishment?

We tend to forget about our feet - especially during the holiday season when we are running from place to place trying to squeeze it all in.  We put our feet in socks, we put them in shoes and we forget about them. But they’re the most important part of our body in some ways, and they deserve love and attention. 

​Here are two reasons why:

Our feet connect us to the earth

​We are cosmic beings, and we are also earthly beings. Our feet connect us to the earth and serve as our foundation for our body and spirit.  When we are fully connected to our bodies, and to the earth, we can participate more fully in the present moment.

Our feet are conduits of prana

Our feet contain several marma points which are related to the organs and how the body functions.  Marmas are junctures where our physical and spiritual bodies meet. These points are connected to the chakras and the nadis - subtle channels through which prana flows. 

As the primary source of our energetic, mental and physical health, prana is the single most important factor in healing.  When prana flows evenly throughout the whole being, we are able to think and perceive with greater clarity and we open up to higher consciousness.

Appreciate your feet each day, take good care of them and they will serve you well.

Here are four ways to nourish your feet:

 1. Essential oil foot soak for aching feet

10 drops Rosemary essential oil or a sprig of fresh Rosemary

5 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Peppermint essential oil


Patchouli essential oil - 10 drops

Lavender essential oil - 10 drops

Place all ingredients in a basin of warm water and soak the feet for 10-20 minutes. Sit in a quiet place in a comfortable relaxed position so that mind and body can let go. Allow your prana, or life force, to move through your body as you commune with the intelligence and consciousness the plants have to offer. Let this time be a reminder of who you truly are. Leave out electronics of any sort to allow your mind and body to just let go.

2. Oil your feet

​A gentle application of sesame oil or an herbal medicinal oil before bed helps the sleep and encourages the connection between the body and spirit.

3. Walk barefoot

​Rejuvenate and strengthen your feet by walking barefoot on the earth - dirt, grass, sand. 

4. Invest in some good shoes

​Wear shoes that actually fit your feet and are supportive of the natural design of your body. They will support your bones into better alignment, your breath will be more expansive and you will think more clearly. 

There's always something to be done - some task or commitment - which means there's always an excuse not to take care of yourself. Instead of pushing yourself to do more on the outside during the holiday season, take a little time to go inside and align with your own healing energy. You'll find that everything begins to line up with greater ease on the outside too.

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