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by Hale Pule Team: Claudia Nethery

In my experience, Mum's the boss. 

Growing up as a child and in my own house today, Mum sets the energy of the home. 

She decides on meals, routine, the weekly shopping, budgets and most other frameworks you can think of in a family. 

While it's a privilege and great opportunity, it can be a large mental load to carry; ensuring several people's needs are met, day after day.   


Discovering Hale Pule

After receiving Ayurveda and Yoga teachings via the Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga podcast and the Hale Pule blog, I traveled to Kaua’i where I worked as a Vedic farmer on Durga Farms. It was here that I learned a great deal from Myra.

Myra's house had one kitchen, three bathrooms and with a bit of creative finesse, accommodated up to twenty-two people at any one time, depending if there was an in person training on. Three times a day, everyone was nourished with a freshly cooked balanced, Ayurvedic meal. All were fast asleep by 9:30 p.m. or earlier and everyone considered those around them with their actions. Expectations were made known when you arrived, and most people left feeling (and looking) a lot brighter than they did on the way in. 

It was at Hale Pule that I learned about systems in the home that cultivate ease and flow, where needs are anticipated rather than reacted to. 

Not everyone can go to Hale Pule* so Hale Pule created Agni Therapy to bring those systems based on Ayurveda and Yoga into the modern homes and families of those with a desire to feel better.  

On becoming a mother and integrating Agni Therapy

When I became a mother, I had been following the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga for five years. Today, Ayurveda provides the framework for my family's daily routine – what we eat, when we eat, answers questions I have about phases my baby goes through and so much more. 

Understanding agni has been the touchstone for introducing food to my baby, and countless other 'firsts' for her. 

One of the regrets I hear from mothers who are further along in their parenting journey is that they didn't relish those younger years because they were stressed and second guessing themselves. I am thankful to have Ayurveda as a touchstone to all parenting queries that arise; mental, physical and spiritual.
When I feel tense or depleted, I have the knowledge and tools to turn things around. Meditation and a sattvic diet support me to have a clear and creative mind so I don’t have to feel tense or depleted too often or for long. I am effortlessly present with my babe, playing and simply being with her in the mundane moments is a joy beyond words. 

We're far from 'perfect', everyday day looks a little different.


Food is a doorway

I have negotiables and non-negotiables in the home.

Food was the original gateway for me to Ayurveda and eating in an Ayurvedic manner continues to be profoundly healing. My baby is eighteen months old now and she eats the same balanced bowl that my husband and I do. 

A few of the sweet, daily moments in our home include a family abhyanga session, followed by a pass-the-parcel shower system with lots of steam, giggles, love hearts drawn on steamy glass and peek a boo. Our baby joins in to chant Om when we bless our food before a meal. Before bed everyone has their warm spiced milk. Hint, I'm still one of the cows. 

Are you thinking of starting a family or already have one?

Start implementing and enjoying Ayurveda and Yoga in your life now! Preparing my body, mind and spirit for motherhood with this wisdom has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I can not imagine parenting without it. 

*At the time this essay was written, Hale Pule and Durga Farms were located on Kaua’i and in person visits were available. 

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