Three ancient Ayurvedic treatments for modern-day ailments

The principles of Ayurveda were first recorded about 5,000 years ago – long before stress became an epidemic and we created a world filled with a million ways to be distracted from finding your true self. But Ayurveda is based on nature’s rhythms, the same rhythms that make up everything in the world around us, including us. As such, the principles of this ancient science work in any age and any situation.

Ayurvedic treatments are a perfect example of this. These techniques have the ability to balance and heal our modern society’s uniquely modern health issues. As more people look for balance and healing, Ayurvedic treatments are gaining in popularity.

Here are three of our favorite treatments to balance modern ailments:


We live in a highly vata-imbalanced world. The light, dry and moving qualities of vata dosha are present in most areas of modern life. Television and computer screens, high-speed plane travel, driving and unending distraction increase these same light, dry and moving qualities in all of us. As a result, most people who seek Ayurveda are first treated for vata imbalance, even if vata dosha is not a primary part of their constitution.

Snehan is a vata-calming, therapeutic treatment where warm oil is applied in a specific pattern on the body. The heavy, dense qualities of oil, along with the healing power of touch and herbs decocted into the oil, bring balance to vata and re-establish your body’s natural rhythms and ability to heal itself. Snehan calms anxiety and fear, improves memory and lubricates the nervous system. Done regularly, especially during seasonal changes and other times of transition when vata is most prone to going out of balance, this treatment can provide grounding and calm to anybody living in the modern world.

Uro (heart) basti

When we need to answer a question, we say that we must “think about it.” What would it look like if we let our hearts guide our heads instead? As the center of universal love and internal peace, the heart offers guidance from the wisdom of our spirits. So many have lost connection with this part of themselves, resulting in disconnection and difficulty living their truth.

Uro basti is a unique treatment, unlike anything else in Western healing. A dam made of dough is formed and placed around the energetic heart. Warm, herbal decocted oil is poured into that space and allowed to rest there while the recipient relaxes and soaks in the benefits. This treatment balances the heart chakra and allows for greater circulation and spiritual attention in that space. This treatment is especially calming for vata and kapha doshas, but can bring wonderful benefits for anyone looking for a better connection to who they really are.


What you do does not define who you are. Still, in the current times, one of the first questions people ask each other is, “what do you do?” The over identification with profession is common in our culture, leading many to overwork and stop enjoying other aspects of living.

Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment consisting of a gentle stream of warm oil poured continuously over the forehead, is the perfect antidote to overworking and overthinking. By releasing mental tension, shirodhara allows the recipient to find a deep state of calm and enhances a sense of self that goes far beyond the boundaries of any career.

Ayurvedic treatments offer relief and nourishment to tired minds, bodies and spirits. If you’ve never experienced this form of self-care, look for a qualified Ayurvedic treatment technician in your area, or visit us for treatments in the most serene setting on earth.

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