Sustain Your Immunity with these 4 Aspects of Life

Your immunity is much more than whether or not you get sick. It is your vitality, resiliency, strength, the quality of your energy, and your ability to fully experience life, joyfully. It is how well you thrive within the natural rhythms of life with a balanced body, mind, and spirit. 

When experiencing the state of your body, how it feels and functions, what do you notice? Do you get colds or the flu a few times a year? For some this is common, almost expected. Particularly right after the holidays. Also when you get sick, is the first reaction, where did I get this from or I got this from so and so? We’ve learned this way of thinking and ultimately reacting. It doesn’t have to be this way.   

Ayurveda has a different perspective around immunity – one that is holistic and empowering. What if when we got a little sick it served as an opportunity to get back on track. Not only is it a reminder to take better care of ourselves but also to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and behavior rather than assign blame to something or someone outside. 

Immunity starts with how you take care of yourself, everyday.  It’s ahar, the food you eat, vihar, the lifestyle that you live, nidra, the quality of sleep that you experience, and brahmacharya, the conscious use of all your senses. Every day you have the opportunity to make choices which move you in the direction of sattva, balance and harmony. 

These four pillars of health and immunity naturally strengthen and mature the more you commit to them. For example, over time you may begin to adapt or shift your diet and lifestyle according to the change of seasons, the state of your digestion, when traveling frequently, or if your living conditions change. 

They also significantly shape the connection with self, community, and spirit or the god of your heart. By way of these pillars immunity is nourished and the feeling of love, strength and vitality blooms. 


One of the first things that we learn when studying Ayurveda is that without wholesome high quality food, medicine is of no use. To ensure that your agni is strong, that tissues are well formed, that the elimination of waste is happening daily and without strain, and that the doshas are balanced, what you eat and how you eat are of utmost importance. 

No amount of cumin, coriander, fennel tea will change the integrity of your agni. What will make a difference is eating balanced nourishing meals, chewing food until no solids remain, stopping after the first burp, and taking a moment of thanks to pause, breath, and pray. From time to time, especially if ill or stressed, incorporating dishes like kunyi and  kitchari are helpful as they are very easy to digest while still providing nourishment. 


Sometimes, regardless of maintaining a regular dinacharya we get compromised or get a cold. A few things that you can do is neti, gargle with warm salt water and turmeric, or prepare a simple steam bath for the sinuses and chest. 


Just as nature has its waking and resting periods, so do we. Sleep is an important aspect of life.  Strong immunity and healthy ojas depend on it. Think of rest and wakefulness on opposite sides of a circle. Sleep impacts our waking hours, while the quality and pace of the day affect sleep, it’s a simple feedback loop. This means, every action throughout your day can influence how you sleep. Think about that. 


When was the last time you took pause? Meaning, when was the last time you pulled away from the computer, turned off the music, said no to a crowded event, and instead sat quietly watching or listening to nature or your breath. When was the last time you stopped doing and did not replace it with scrolling or checking email? It is so important to rest the senses. When continuously pushed, with stimulus or unconsciousness, our thought forms and frequencies speed up and become disrupted. Ultimately leading to feeling unwell. Remember, slowing down is okay, permission granted. 


Looking for support and guidance with your immunity? Consider an Ayurvedic Health or Yoga Consultation or even better, Agni Therapy which lays the foundation for living well, free of digestional and hormonal distress.

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