Is this my feeling or yours?

Is this my feeling or yours? It’s a simple question, but one that I wasn’t able to answer until after learning the Intuitive Energy Practice from Hale Pule. I’ve experienced taking on someone else’s feelings in various scenarios. It’s happened when one of my sisters expresses annoyance with our mom, and all of a sudden I feel annoyed at my mom, too. It’s happened when a customer throws anger at me and all of sudden I feel angered, too. No matter where or how it happens, the lesson is always the same: When I take on someone else’s feeling, I take on someone else’s energy, and it never feels good to run someone else’s energy through my space. 

I remember when I was purchasing my first car. I had heard of cars salesman adding unnecessary charges to the naive buyer so I asked a family friend to accompany me during the process. He used to work at a dealership so I trusted his help. We went to the dealership to look at a truck I had seen online. It was bigger than I thought it would be and in my gut I felt that it wasn’t the right one for me. However, this family friend was convinced that I would not be able to find a better one for my needs and insisted on telling me so. I purchased the truck. Its large size made it difficult for me to drive comfortably and each day I had to convince myself that this was the best choice for me. Less than a year later I sold the truck. The situation was eye opening for me; when I don’t consciously run my energy I am easily influenced by others.

The Intuitive Energy Practice basic tools have become part of my daily morning routine. Taking the time to ground, center and recharge myself has assisted me in answering the question, "Is this my feeling or yours?" The tools allow me to experience what it feels like to be running only my energy, so when I start to sway away from that feeling I know that I’ve let someone else’s energy into my space. The great thing is that I now have the tools to shift my energy and get back to my center. I’m not always able to shift the energy instantly, but simply being able to recognize the subtleties in my feelings and space has been monumental in my life.

Last spring I went to purchase another car. This time I went by myself. I test drove several models and clearly knew which car was best for me. I told the salesman my choice all the way down to the interior and exterior color. It turned out they didn’t have what I wanted in stock, and the manager came over attempting to sway me toward one they had in their lot, but I was not swayed. After simply looking on his computer, he found out that the exact car I wanted would arrive that same week.

The car dealership experiences are clear examples of how my Intuitive Energy Practice has worked in my life, but the real power of the practices exists in my mundane day-to-day experience. Whether I am listening to a customer’s frustrations without becoming involved in their emotions, or reading a news article without becoming overwhelmed by the tone of the story, I am able to live my life in greater neutrality. Here I am more present and sincere with others and most true to myself. I can use the Intuitive Energy Practice anywhere, in any situation, and no one even has to know I’m using them. It’s amazing. 

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