Inspiring teens to practice Ayurveda


Here at Hale Pule, we love to inspire everyone - including children and teenagers - through experiential education. We see when we are living examples of what we teach, the people around us are inspired to expand their perspectives and develop a powerful connection with themselves, all of nature, and the universe.

People often ask us about how they can get their teens to follow the principles of Ayurveda, especially when they are exposed to so many temptations.

And we say, be the change. Walk the talk. Glow from within. Actions speak louder than words.

This strategy is working beautifully for Alessandra Oriani, our Strategy & Research Lead. She’s captivated the interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity of her girls who love her Ayurvedic cooking. They also regularly ask for advice when it comes to healing anything. This recipe for Playful Spelt Pancakes is a firm family favorite in the Oriani house.

We asked her to share how she gets her teens to eat Ayurvedically, and here is what she told us.

Alesandra’s top five tips for tempting teenagers to try Ayurveda!

Number 1- Teenagers care that food is delicious so focus on that and make it as pretty as possible. In fact, it’s good to engage all of the senses when sharing food with the family. Fortunately, Ayurvedic food is so gorgeous with the beautiful colors and textures of nature. Pictures of your culinary offerings will be all over Instagram in no time, that’s if they last long enough!

Number 2- Gradually, your teenagers will come to notice that the food also makes them feel healthier both physically and mentally. They will start joining the dots and become curious. You can share the effects of the spices and other ingredients as their interest grows.

Number 3- Invite your teenagers to cook with you. It’s best to start this when they are young so that they get used to it and learn the magic that happens in the kitchen. But it’s never too late to start! You will make happy memories together and they will grow up knowing the kitchen as the joyful healing heart of the home. Many children are not exposed to kitchen sadhana and alchemy these days and sadly, they miss out on this wonderful part of family life.

Number 4- Don’t make a fuss about it. You don’t have to make a big deal about food being ‘Ayurvedic.’ It’s just a new approach to explore.

Number 5- Carefully and sensitively share the importance of cause and effect. For instance, disappearing acne can be a great way for them to notice what and how they eat shows up in the body soon afterward.


It’s so wonderful that Alessandra’s girls are growing up with a happy relationship with food and a roadmap to healthy adulthood. If you want to learn more about cooking Ayurvedically to set your teens up for life, consider taking our short course Simple Ayurvedic Cooking with Myra Lewin. Learning the art of Ayurvedic cooking is one of the most precious gifts you could ever give to young people.

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