Connection and belonging in the Hale Pule community


Ayurveda is a joyful way of life, especially when you belong to a community with other people who are on a similar path. In Ayurveda and Yoga, the Sanskrit word for spiritual community is ‘sangha’, which inspired the name for our own private community

The Hale Pule Sangha is a community of individuals from around the world who practice Ayurveda and Yoga to raise awareness and grow in understanding and love. It’s a sweet, sattvic, and safe space. 

Being part of a sangha is essential in the healing journey. Without it, you can feel lonely, separated, and disconnected. It’s become common to feel isolated these days, even if you practice Yoga asana in a studio. You can turn up to class, complete our asana practice and leave without getting to know the person on the mat beside you.

Our Sangha offers you the opportunity to build deeper relationships in a like-hearted group. This makes it easier to commit to and sustain your practices. It’s also much more fun!

If you are looking for ways to commit more wholeheartedly and stay on track, connect with us in the Hale Pule Sangha. It’s a beautiful space to connect with your community and also hear directly from Myraji as she drops in live on a regular basis with content you won’t get anywhere else.

The Hale Pule team is there for you too, ready to answer questions or assist you if you need help. Being around other people who are living Ayurveda gives you confidence and the recognition that you can do it too. You may need a helping hand today, or be a source of inspiration for others tomorrow. We all take turns, we are all somewhere on the path. 

So how do you get involved? The first step is to join the online Sangha. It’s free to join, just click here. Once you’ve joined, there are three ways that you can deepen your connections and make life-long friends. 

Reach in.

Share something, reply to a post, or direct message someone. If you want to find new Ayurvedic friends to meet with in person, start a new thread and ask if there are people who live near you. Spoiler alert: we will be having some live events soon! (Need the link here)

Be vulnerable.

If you are having a hard time with something, share it. We connect with our vulnerabilities. You are not alone. There will be some who relate to where you are now and some will model how they have mastered the skills already.  Witnessing the transformation of others in the community creates strong collective beliefs that change is possible for you too. Collective beliefs make it easier for changes to be integrated in individuals and within the group.

Be of service.

Offer a kind word, support, or be a cheerleader for someone who needs a little love. We all need elevating sometimes. It will come back to you when you need it, life works this way. 

We have people from all walks of life and from all over the world in our sweet Sangha.  Leaning into the group will help you stay on track and provide you with plenty of ideas and tips.  And best of all, you will make life-long friendships with beautiful people, just like you. 

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