A path to the divine within


​The idea that purusha, or divine consciousness, exists within you can be challenging to wrap your head around at first. Understanding and, more importantly, experiencing that it is embedded in every aspect of your being can require some time. 

If you have struggled to recognize the divine within, perhaps it is easier to consider it in terms of creative energy. Think about a time when you were immersed in a project that you truly enjoyed. The “flow” you experienced allowed you to enjoy simply being in that moment with no attachment to the outcome. That leads to vitality and bliss, a sign that you are connected to purusha. 

How to find flow

There are times when all of us feel stuck and uncreative, and it can be hard to step into your connection. This is often the result of trying too hard by using the lower intellect, which is great for data collection but will not bring you into the flow of purusha. When you stop grasping or struggling to be in the flow, you can just relax into it. Here are a few ideas to shift your perspective the next time you feel stuck: 

  • Find a place in nature – it can be as simple as your own backyard. Sit quietly and observe life. Engage your senses of sight, sound, smell and touch as much as possible.

  • Practice an inversion, like salambha sarvangasana, to physically change the way you see the world.

  • Do something familiar in a new way. This is a great experiment when cooking. Use your hands instead of a spoon or use a common ingredient in a different way (see this Coconut Love Loaf recipe for inspiration).

  • Go within and meditate, setting an intention to release anything that is blocking the creative channels that run through your arms and out the palms of your hands (download our free guided meditation to use Intuitive Energy Practice tools).

  • Laugh at yourself – it’s only life, after all.

​Creativity and vata dosha

Creativity is a natural function of balanced vata dosha. The light and mobile qualities of vata allow you to connect with the divine and your own creative powers. 

Allow vata to become your friend by giving its air element room to flow, but not too much room, or you will see a rush of creative beginnings with little completion. This is where a dinacharya, daily routine, serves you well. When vata is grounded by a regular routine, its creative powers can flourish. Imbalanced vata will often resist routines of any kind, but once a balancing dinacharya is established, vata will quickly calm and embrace the flow of the day.     

Creation is one of the most blessed gifts of being human. When we exercise our creative powers, we allow purusha into our daily lives and connect to who we really are. This is the focus of Ayurveda and Yoga, and the key to experiencing flow in all parts of life. 

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