A new way of looking at luck

When people talk about luck, they usually regard it as something that exists outside of themselves. The typical view is that luck is random, that some people are just “born lucky.” But the truth is that we contribute to everything we experience in life. Each of us has an innate ability to create the lives we want to live. 

Karma is a simple principle of cause and effect that reminds us of our powerful creative abilities. It takes the mystery out of luck. Understanding it will allow you to shape your experiences in life.

Karma is not a punishment or a reward. There are no scoreboards or judges that keep track of our lives. Simply stated, what we put out comes back to us. What we experience in life is a reflection of our past actions, including our thoughts. You can think of the effect of karma like throwing a rock into a still pond. It creates ripples. The ripples of our thoughts and actions stem from this life and previous ones. 

If you find that you are blessed with great opportunities and positive people, that’s a sign that you’re creating positive karma, or flowing with the universe. Practicing gratitude will attract more of the same. If you feel you are constantly swimming upstream in life, that’s a signal that it’s time to look at your actions and the motives behind your actions. By motives, we mean those underlying intentions that are buried beneath unresolved emotions or old ways of being. They may not be obvious to you on the surface.

Pranayama and meditation are powerful practices to move through emotional and mental barriers that prevent us from living our truth. The breathing exercises of pranayama clear energy channels in your body so prana can flow freely. Meditation, especially when practiced after pranayama, offers a space where you can connect to your true self and leave behind what no longer serves you.  

If you’re new to pranayama, we have guides to practice. If you’re new to meditation, just five minutes of quiet reflection can make a big difference in how you feel. Or try one of our guided meditations to focus your mind. 

Through the lens of karma, we have the ability to be our own four-leaf clovers and affect the quality of our lives. That is to say, when we live in connection with our true selves, we can access our powerful creative abilities and bring forth what we want in life. The universe will always respond to what we put out. With positive actions and motives, you will see the same come back to you.

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