Your best medicine: Listening to the sacred inner voice

By Judith Michaels Safford


I've had two visits to the emergency room in 75 years. One was at three years old with a threat of appendicitis (it turned out to be constipation and indigestion). The second visit was dehydration from flu. In spite of a sugar addiction, numerous weird diets and seven pregnancies, life has blessed me with good health.

After four years of abstinence from sugar, during which time I was a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan and nutritarian, my body called a halt. Nine months of coughing caused my vocal chords to become raw and swollen. This escalated my fear, driving me to accept codeine cough medicine, an inhaler and the belief that I needed a specialist. The ear, nose and throat specialist diagnosed me with silent reflux, a deviated septum and allergies. I was to refrain from certain foods. I received a cortisone shot and a slanted pillow to stay upright while sleeping. Seven days of silence was suggested to repair my vocal chords. This protocol lasted four months. Phase two was another cortisone shot and deviated septum surgery. It all helped and I thought I was cured forever. Plus, I got a fair amount of drama attention.

Through coincidental circumstances, Myra Lewin and Hale Pule entered my life in June of 2013. I received the first consultation the following July.

In February 2013, the optometrist informed me that my right eye was ready for cataract surgery. By December 2013, an ophthalmologist confirmed a big “YES.” But I had begun to view things through the Ayurvedic alternative way of healing, and a big “NO” resounded in my heart. If a broken arm can heal, why not the eyes?

I dug out an old book and purchased a couple of new ones about how to heal sight and vision. The work ahead was clear. Myra recommended a lubricant for my eyes and feet. After nearly two years of exercises, lubrication, emotional inner vision work and not wearing my glasses for reading or driving (except night driving), the cataracts are now at a minimal number. My prescription is five times greater than what I need.

Calmed digestion, healing eyes, a stronger body, lighter spirit and greater kindness are the short list of life's blessings I have received through Ayurvedic counseling. I haven't had an allergy pill, antibiotic or ibuprofen for more than two years.

Intuition nudged me to stop taking prescriptions, put away my glasses and to use Western medicine out of true intuition and not out of fear. Fear and old beliefs no longer dictate my choices. For that I am grateful.

The willingness, the surrender and joy to live this way is grace. It's all grace.

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