Vedic Astrology winter 2018 update

Saturn: Bringing truth to light

By Robin Stamp


With explosive intensity, allegations of sexual misconduct are bringing down many powerful men who, a short time ago, felt untouchable. Leaders and institutions that we once trusted are now being called into question. Why now? Why such intensity?

Balance is the foundational principle of astrology and the natural world.  As the planets move through the heavens, they bring karmas to fruition that balance actions of the past.  When truth has been hidden, the cosmic wheel always turns to eventually reveal it.  That time is now. 

​Saturn is the planet of truth; he will bring to light what is hidden.  As Saturn continues his progression through Sagittarius over the next two years, his power to bring forth the truth is greatly magnified.  The direct and fiery nature of Sagittarius adds the cosmic fuel to drive Saturn forward on his mission. 

The unveiling of truth that we are seeing in the media is also happening in all our lives right now on some level. As you are being forced to face your truth, remember that Saturn is ultimately your greatest teacher.  Often maligned and misunderstood, Saturn brings light to the things that are holding us back. It is only when we resist this unveiling that Saturn brings the difficulty he is famous for.  

The power of Vedic astrology is that it sheds light on our karmas, allowing us to act from a place of knowledge. Welcome Saturn’s ability to shine light in dark places and you will receive the great gift of truth. 

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