Use your intuition to uncover your true self

By Myra Lewin


At Hale Pule, we begin each day by grounding ourselves in spiritual practice. Some parts of the practices, like meditation or Yoga asana, are familiar for our guests. But some practices are brand new – and often the most powerful. That is certainly true for those who experience our Intuitive Energy Practice guided meditations.

The Intuitive Energy Practice tools offer a true breakthrough for people looking to walk away from patterns of thinking and behavior that are no longer serving them. I know that was the case for me. When I first came upon the basis of these tools at the Berkeley Psychic Institute more than 25 years ago, I felt that I had finally made it home to myself. Over the years, I’ve combined the teachings I received through that lineage with my training in Ayurveda and Yoga to create a unique practice that I use daily to build a better relationship with my true self, the world and others around me.

What does it mean to be an intuitive?

When people think about intuitive or psychic abilities, they often imagine that it means being able to read others’ minds. But our Intuitive Energy Practice is not about manipulating external forces or building ego; it is a system that allows you to see everything in the world as energy. When you have that perspective, you can better understand what does and does not reflect your truth. By tapping your intuition, you learn to be a more conscious human being, one who can read, shift and respond to energy around you, all while maintaining strong grounding and a sense of humor.

When you are guided by intuition, healing becomes simple. Emotions, matter, illnesses and attitudes are just energy, and you can begin to work with your energy to move through mental and emotional pain and disease. This is the basis of energetic healing, a method that, when combined with Ayurveda and Yoga, creates opportunities for true health on all levels of being.

A practice to build your personal intuitive toolbox

Try this exercise from our Intuitive Energy Practice: Close your eyes and imagine two lines, one from between your eyebrows straight back and another from the tops of your ears straight across. The place where these two lines cross represents the center of your head. Here you have the opportunity for neutrality, or even mindedness and can best access your personal power. Now imagine a rose an arm's length in front of you. Allow this rose to be any color and imagine that this rose is sticky. Bring it into the center of your head and allow it to collect any thoughts or emotions that you have taken into your space that don’t belong to you. Do this without judgment or analysis and see if you can notice what the rose collects. Bring the rose out in front of you and destroy it, either by lighting a match under it or throwing a little bomb at it, dissolving it completely. Allow the emotions and thoughts to move and recycle back to their source, giving you space to be your true self.

Congratulations – you have just used your intuitive powers to heal yourself!

Some people experience their natural intuition through sudden spurts of unexpected and unpredictable understanding. Others have learned how to shut it down as a form of protection from things they are not prepared to see. But everyone has the ability to be intuitive and can benefit from a set of tools, like the ones in the exercise above, that invite your intuition to work for you, whenever you need it. That is the essence of the Intuitive Energy Practice.

Access to your intuition is your divine right. When you embrace this power, your life will unfold in ways you never imagined. Start by downloading the free basic tools audio recording so you can begin to get a glimpse of how the tools can work for you. If you want to go deeper, we offer a Pranic Awakening online course. You will be given a set of simple, but powerful tools that put you in the driver’s seat of your life by allowing you to access your intuition at any time.

Practicing these tools every day has enhanced my relationships, brought me more joy and allowed me to see my path as a spiritual teacher. Had I not had this practice, Hale Pule might not exist. I hope that you’ll explore our Intuitive Energy Practice so that your life can unfold in new and joyous ways.

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