Our Ayurvedic health counselor program is now 600 hours!

​We have great news to share with you today: We have updated our 400-hour Ayurvedic health counselor certification program to 600 hours! This greatly strengthens the clinical focus of the program and is in line with the requirements of the United States National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).

Updated May 2020: Please note that now that we have made our home in New Zealand, we are no longer registered with NAMA, as this registration is only for schools based in the U.S. We are in the process of joining a fellowship of international Ayurveda practitioners and will be sharing these details soon.

What’s different?

We’ve updated the manual with deeper information in many areas, including working with children, tongue and pulse analysis, marma point therapy and more. We’ve added an additional required text and included a capstone project that will significantly add to your ability to begin working with clients upon graduation. We’ve created a library of 25 consultation videos with real Hale Pule clients. Students will grow their ability to assess imbalances by seeing how people present them and creating treatment plans as if they were their own clients. This experience will be of great benefit when you begin your clinical work. 

What does this change mean?

While not a prerequisite to working with clients, certification by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) or a similar association is helpful for your Ayurvedic health counselor practice. NAMA requires counselors to attain at least 600 hours of training in Ayurveda in order to qualify. By adding additional and deeper content to our existing program, we have set you on the path to becoming fully equipped in your Ayurveda training.

Graduates of the 600-hour program (or any equivalent program) are also eligible to enroll in our new clinical mentoring program. This self-paced program is a way to strengthen your clinical practice by working with a Hale Pule practitioner who will provide oversight and guidance in 25 client consultations. Think of it as having a trusted guide as you begin your career as an Ayurvedic health counselor.

We also offer supplemental or continuing education through our Ayurvedic chef and treatment certifications or professional mentoring. No matter what path you choose, we offer many ways to begin spreading the light of Ayurveda. 

Learn more about our 600-hour Ayurveda health counselor program today.

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