On travel and illness: My experience in India


I had been dreaming making a trip to India for years when spontaneously my friend and I made the decision to go. It was an overwhelming experience, full of positive and colorful memories that gave me hope and joy! But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

On our third day I started to feel sick. I thought it just was car sickness, but as the day went on it was clear it was more than that. After days of treating the bacteria with various medications that I would never consume at home, I finally got better. Later on during the trip when I got sick again, I knew better than to take such extreme measures.

In hindsight, what I should have done first is skip a meal and let my body heal itself. This would have allowed me to rest my digestive system and take time to slow down and face the fear around the illness. This is hard to do when you have a tight schedule to keep to, but I gave myself a few extra days here and there.

I found the absolute most effective remedy was a natural one – psyillium husk! The fibers slow down elimination, help the body to absorb water and collect the bacteria so it can be flushed out. To use this remedy, just soak 2-3 teaspoons of the husk in a glass of water and add some lemon. Sip it down slowly and let the husk do its job. It really works! Triphala, a mixture of herbs, is another great supplement to balance the body and support elimination of toxins.

India is certainly the country where you find the most Ayurvedic and home remedies. Everywhere we went there were Ayurvedic shops, pharmacies and centers open for treatments and consultations. Everyone I talked to while I was ill had great home remedies, powders and tips on how to get better. It is beautiful to see how Ayurveda is so naturally integrated in the lives of the Indian people. I hope one day it will be as natural for me as well.

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