From Christmas Scrooge to Christ Consciousness | Embracing Change During the Holidays

No champagne. No ham. No excessive consumerism. No church. No thanks.

In our family I was the Christmas scrooge. 

My parents put a good deal of effort into crafting a picturesque, traditional Australian Christmas with all of the trimmings. Yet my distaste for their seasonal favorites not only made me unpopular, but soured what could have been time well spent together. 

On Christmas day I built an energetic shield around myself.  I was so in my head about how to fend off the next unsolicited poor food combination that I wasn't present or available to connect with kindreds, which was the whole point of gathering. Over the years, I lowered my expectations and Christmas became something to 'get through'. 

In retrospect, while taking a look at the big picture, I saw I was going about it all wrong. It's not what we buy, eat and drink together that adds value to a relationship or conversation. It's our vibration. If I could emanate Christ consciousness on this of all days, things could be wonderful no matter my dietary requirements or teetotaling ways. Easier said than done. I may need to take a few of the other 364 days a year to hear what my inner child has to say about Christmas and unpack family agreements.

I usually travel to my hometown of Sydney, Australia for the holiday season. This year, my little (immediate) family is living by the beach in South Australia so we’ve decided to make the most of that and stay put for the summer. My husband is from Iran. Not growing up with Christmas he could take it or leave it. My baby is too young to know the difference. 

This year however I’m embracing a bizarre turn of events. I'm feeling uncharacteristically festive. With the pressure off, my inner Martha Stewart is teeming. And I’m embracing that every season, every moment really, there is space for change. I’m right where I need to be and I’m present. 

Here are a few things that I’ll be doing this year. I’d love to hear how you’ve navigated the squiggly line of life’s holidays and gatherings. 

  • In preparation for the next family reunion or dinner, I’ll call the host and ask if there is anything I can bring to ease their load. I’ll offer to bring a dish that everyone can share. Something like roasted veggies and warm seasonal sauteed greens are usually crowd pleasers. 

  • Bring out my own inner child and celebrate the kids that are present. Children get the magic and aren't caught up in expectations. My fondest childhood memories of Christmas was making up skits and dances with my cousins that we'd perform for the adults after lunch. Spend time with children and animals in general for a good dose of sweet vibrations. 

  • I let people know that I don't want a gift. Yet that can sometimes be a downer. For some, giving is a source of joy and love language. It’s not up to me to control that. The last few years, I've requested that if someone wants to give me a gift, it's something they already own, like:

    • spice blends or essential oil blends made especially for the season or their constitution 

    • forage seasonal flowers, pinecones and foliage to make a table centerpiece or decoration

    • a treatment voucher for a massage 

    • a baby sitting voucher/ IOU (the gift of time)

  • Most importantly I practice releasing any and all expectations. You can't control how other people behave or respond to you. The best gift is that of love and acceptance, to yourself and those around you. 

words by Claudia Nethery

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