A yogi’s gift list: Give the gift of higher consciousness


Ayurveda and Yoga look great on everyone. Give the life-changing gift of higher consciousness to everyone on your list this holiday season.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite gift ideas below, each of them sure to brighten spirits this holiday season and all year long.

A yogi's gift list

1. Pranayama and meditation consultation

Is someone on your list looking to start or deepen a spiritual practice? Pranayama (breath control), one of the most powerful limbs of Yoga, works deeply over time to enhance spiritual connection. Regular pranayama and meditation supports health and mental well-being on many levels, but it is important to learn the tools from a skilled teacher. Contact us to book a consultation.

2. Ayurvedic cooking basics

These books provide knowledge and inspiration to turn any kitchen into a healing Ayurvedic kitchen.

Simple Ayurvedic Recipes
Freedom in Your Relationship with Food: An Everyday Guide

3. Creativity aromatherapy oil

Help your friends and family members unlock their true creative potential with this hand-blended combination of 100% pure patchouli, muhuhu sandlewood, cypress, vetiver, jasmine, myrrh and lime essential oils. Place a few drops in a diffuser or on the throat chakra, or rub gently into the palms then inhale for an abundance of creative energy. Contact us to order.

4. A State of Yoga: Foundation in Practice and Understanding

Have a budding yogi in your life? Give them the foundation of Yoga in all its eight limbs. In 10 video courses, Myra Lewin presents key concepts in Yoga, such as postural alignment on and off the mat (including positioning that is easily missed in studio asana classes) and how to begin a meditation practice. Purchase the course here.

5. Ayurvedic health counselor certification program

Give a gift to the whole world by assisting someone you love to become a certified Ayurvedic health counselor. Our 600-hour certification program prepares graduates to assess clients’ unique constitutions and apply practical Ayurvedic wisdom to bring health and balance. This gift will change the lives of all who work with the recipient. Contact us for more information.

7. Tiger's eye mala

Give someone the gift of personal power with tiger eye – the stone of power and protection. Strung in the traditional knotted manner with 108 sacred beads, this mala will facilitate meditation, mantra and greater connection to the divine. Contact us to order.

8. Dosha-balancing face oils

Chemicals and soaps dry out the skin, leaving it parched and unprotected. Give your loved ones beauty and balance with Hale Pule’s handcrafted face oil blends, created with a base of organic oils and pure essential oils. We offer one for each dosha, or you can buy all three for use at the different dosha times of the year. Contact us to order.

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