Writing from the heart

Poems by Judith Michaels Safford


Most of my writing from the heart comes from a meditation experience. The first writing I want to share with you is from watching the Sycamore leaves. They are the last to fall here in New Mexico and often hang on until December.

The season says, “Fall”
and the leaves say, “Yes.”

Wind tossing, turning, twisting leaves
as they disconnect from home,
fluttering low to kiss the earth,
consenting to their destiny.
Traveling wildly up and down the road
circling again and again along the way.

Some gather against the fence as mulch to feed the earth.
Some snuggle close to the birth tree and become
nourishment for the roots that once nurtured them.

I never saw a leaf stop mid-stream resisting the inevitable.

Come, sweet grace,
guide me to that state of consenting to the winds of life,
acknowledging the whirlwind,
and dancing with the whole notion of surrendering
to life's cycle and destiny.

Inspiration came once from watching a tango dance. As I witnessed the woman sliding her leg out to the side and saw her partner using his foot to gently move hers back to center, my heart melted. I visualized the Divine Creator tenderly moving me back to center.

The Dance of Life
Eyes close,
body presses against the beloved with complete surrender,
feet moving, being moved in rhythmic harmony!

Longing to experience intimate, surrendered, trusted
closeness with the Breath of Life.

The Breath of Love pulls in close, moves apart,
swirls around and yet,
the heart maintains connection,
forever-beating perfection
intimate Oneness.
No breaks between.

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