Master of the Mind Series Part 2: Addiction and Non-attachment

  • Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • 7:00 AM  7:30 AM
  • OnlineKerikeriNew zealand (map)

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Addiction and compulsive behaviour can take form in our lives when we seek refuge from the discomfort within. 

Instead of processing emotion we grasp to control and seek external validation and immediate relief with technology, food, alcohol or exercise. 

Non-attachment doesn’t mean we stop caring or stop working to get the things that matter. It’s simply about seeing the impermanence of the physical world. It is about enjoying what life has to offer without becoming identified with it or attached to it. 

When we choose to live in a way that values the eternal over the physical, we can clearly understand and be able to execute our priorities in every decision.

During this live lecture Myra Lewin will share:

  • Why addiction takes form
  • Unraveling addiction from a Yogic standpoint
  • Why living in trust is the opposite of attachment  and the steps to take
  • Achieving desired results on the physical plane while staying connected to your higher power

Q&A opportunity:

Join us live to have you questions answered! If you’d like to participate in the conversation, we welcome questions during the live session or emailed in ahead of time to skip the queue. You can send your questions to

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