About Vanessa


Media Editor, Ayurvedic Treatment Therapist, fixer of broken things
Favourite asana: Doing 108 sun salutations with good alignment can fix anything, inside or out!
Based in: Bali, Indonesia


The natural world is Vanessa's realm, and healing is her dharma.

Vanessa has often been likened to Hagrid from the Harry Potter Series for her love of animals and amazing ability to connect with anything alive and growing. As a child, she would spend her days exploring the woods, telling secrets to plants and concocting swamp potions. She learned early on that plants share a symbiotic relationship with humans.

Vanessa's love for the wilderness took on a spiritual dimension when she became a student of Myra Lewin's in 2003. Myra guided Vanessa to restore her innate balance through the practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, and from this state of inner harmony she found a new way to commune with nature and with people.

By applying the scientific principles of Ayurveda and Yoga to farming, Myra and Vanessa created Durga Farms, a lush, productive oasis on the beautiful Island of Kaua'i. Over the years, Vanessa has refined a series of natural farming techniques and provided loving guidance to farm apprentices and students.

Following a 15-year apprenticeship with Myra, Vanessa became Hale Pule's principal Ayurvedic treatment therapist. She also serves as an educator and supports Hale Pule's Ayurvedic Treatment Training program, and Marma Bodywork program.

These days, Vanessa's primary focus is to nurture our global community through Hale Pule’s extensive online offerings. She heads up the media production and provides team support along with community guidance in our Sangha.