About Nami

Japanese Programs Coordinator
Pitta Vata
Favourite asana: Sun Salutation - Being able to recognize a new part of myself by how I feel in my body and mind breathing through each day, and it's fun! 
Based in: Kerikeri, New Zealand


I have been in love with the beautiful island of Kauai since I first visited in 2006. I followed my dream away from Banking to create my own opportunities and took Hale Pule's 200 hour Yoga and Ayurveda teacher training in 2012. I  thought I was a health-conscious person, careful about food and lifestyle. But  I  was just following food or lifestyle fads and kept trying to make new things work out when the fad  passed, but it didn't work. So my lifestyle wasn't very healthy as I worked crazy hours as an investment consultant in the financial industry for many years,  not enough sleep, eating out, and groggy in the morning! 

Through the training with a regular dinacharya and spiritual practice, I discovered a new perspective in life. I used to believe in only what I could see so I couldn't understand spiritual aspects at all. But everything I see is not always true. For me, the spirituality came from my own experience. It allows me to connect to my inner self through connecting with nature and listening to my heart rather than my thinking.  Learning to be in the present. . I love being closer to the natural and peaceful existence that brings me to my inner self. Now I realize how important it is to live fully each moment in life. 

On weekends I love  to find a spot to sit in nature and be still for 5 minutes or more.To enjoy being with the birds, trees, clouds, and my inner self. I like to garden  by touching the soil and enjoying the fragrance of the plants and sun to feel more grounded and balanced. 

My passion for sharing what I have learned and experience through Ayurveda and Yoga helps people lead a natural and healthy lifestyle helps others and gives me health and joy in life. Cooking Ayurvedic meals gives me a creative outlet, a sense of freedom, and the flow of energy. It’s awesome!