About Kirsten


Acharya and Student Relations Coordinator
Favorite asana: Surya Namaskar – This pose is a part of my morning dinacharya. It allows me to continue to "wake up" to the vibrant energy of a new day by creating the mind-body-breathe connection.
Based in: Montana, USA


Kirsten's Ayurveda and Yoga journey started in 2018 during a series of big life changes including leaving her career as a certified public accountant and moving across the country. At the time, she didn't realize how disconnected she was from life. Although she had no major illnesses or disease, she lived with a gnawing sense that things could be so much better. In hindsight, she recognizes that this was her intuition speaking to her. It opened her up to explore something new in life, and that something new became Ayurveda.

She started with self-study, reading a few books and articles online that guided her to seek an online training, and she eventually landed at Hale Pule's Ayurvedic Health Counselor training. The training changed her life in ways she hadn't imagined or anticipated. Since graduating from Hale Pule's AHC training she has started her own health counseling business and supports Hale Pule as an acharya. Ayurveda continues to be a guiding light for her as she evolves as a woman, mother, and counselor.

Kirsten is the lead administrator in our Ayurvedic training programs. She's also an AHA and AHC acharya, supporting and guiding students through the trainings, and a Sangha moderator, supporting both clients and students in our online communities.