How to Master an Essential Set of Ayurvedic Healing Skills and Strategies

  • Wednesday, September 6, 2023
  • 8:00 AM  9:30 AM
  • Online | Bali timezone(map)

Join us for this FREE Live Info Session.

Learn how to master an essential set of Ayurvedic Healing Skills and Strategies so you can confidently practice as an Ayurvedic Counselor or Advisor, guide people to heal, and live life on your terms.

This info session is perfect for anyone who is interested in guiding others to heal with Ayurveda.

Uncover 3 key skill sets that are essential for successful Ayurvedic Health Counsellors and Advisors.


Wednesday, September 6, 8:00 A.M. - 9:30 A.M. | BALI

Wednesday, September 6, 10:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. | SYDNEY

Wednesday, September 6, 1:00 A.M. - 2:30 A.M. | LONDON

Wednesday, September 5, 5:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M. | LOS ANGELES

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