About Claire


Client Relations & Admin Lead, Ayurvedic Health Counselor Student
Favourite asana: Viparita Karani - Legs Up the Wall - To cool down & rejuvenate
Based in: Traveling from Java, Indonesia to Mexico


I started practicing Yoga asanas in 2016 and came to Ayurveda at the end of 2017 following lower back pain issues that left me unable to walk for several weeks. I then turned myself to meditation and discovered Ayurveda by listening to the Hale Pule podcast “Everyday Ayurveda & Yoga”.

Ayurveda completely made sense to me and helped me to see that there are more holistic and natural ways to understand, find and fix the root causes of pain and disease. I saw that there is a deeper truth that modern medicine could not necessarily address, as it is mostly focused on treating symptoms. 

I realized that more and more people were facing the same frustrations that I was experiencing and that Ayurveda could offer ways to correct things but also bring balance and true health back into our lives. In August 2018, I was inspired to enroll in the 600-hour Ayurvedic Health Counselor Training with Hale Pule so I could go deeper, grow further, find profound healing, and ultimately share Ayurveda’s wisdom and guide others on the path.

I am now leading the Client Relations & Admin team which allows me to be of service to a growing community of people focused on natural healing as well as supporting the Hale Pule team with processes and organisation.