About Amanda

Operations & Bookkeeping
Favourite asana: Surya Namaskar
Based in: Albuquerque, New Mexico


I was drawn to the asana practice while finding my way in early recovery. I wanted to reconnect with my body and my mind. I attended a Yoga nidra practice at a local Yoga studio and the woman spoke about Ayurveda. I went home and started researching and it made so much sense with every word I read. I watched a few documentaries and purchased a few books and started my journey.  Everything I  learned just made sense, and fit together like puzzle pieces in my life. 

I moved to Kauai in 2014, as an avid animal lover I found myself working at the local shelter where I met one of Myra's students, who let me know of the Client relations position. 

Before working with Myra and learning Ayurveda and Yoga I had terrible menstruation symptoms that would keep me from enjoying life each month. Now I have symptom free cycles that come and go with ease. I still experience a bit of tiredness but that is to be expected with the shifts happening in my body at that time. 

When I am not working for Hale Pule I am typically with my partner and my dogs. Zia and Hank, complete opposites in every way. He's my big Kapha boy and she's my little pitta girl.

We spend a lot of time going on walks down by the river here in Albuquerque and hiking up in the mountains nearby.

I look forward to the warmer months where I can enjoy my backyard garden and spend most days outside with the plants

This has awakened my love of plant medicine that started for me as a small child collecting leaves and sticks in our backyard and making my own "potions". It warms my heart to share the harvest with my loved ones through fresh home grown products and delicious home cooked Ayurvedic meals. 

I also love making teas with plants giving them space to bring healing to myself and others. I enjoy creating my own tea blends and sharing them by the fire with my partner on colder evenings. This has led me to making up the choornas for Hale Pule which is a blessing to do and one of my favorite tasks to work on.

 I would like to share my knowledge and experience not only with my family and friends but with  children. I see now where adolescent dysfunction is caused by childhood imbalances tand how this can be prevented with the tools of Ayurveda and Yoga. I now know that my "doing" is sharing the light of Ayurveda with others, shining a light on the power in the simplicity of it.  Leading by example. I am currently working on our AHA course as well as HYRF and will one day continue on to AHC. 

The IEP tools have changed my life and I use this daily in my meditation and everyday life. I am able to be grounded not only in myself but my relationships with others and this has benefited me in all aspects of my life. 

Sun salutations or surya namaskar is my favorite asana sequence. I feel grounded in my body as well as my mind while moving through it. I also appreciate "square pose" so much for its unwavering ability to take me to the edge and  focus on my breath. I appreciate the mental challenge it meets me with each time.