About Alessandra

Enrollment and Strategy lead, Ayurvedic Health Counselor Student
Favorite asana: Sirshasana – This pose gives me a different view about everything in life. It makes me feel energized because of the blood flow coming into my head. It is the pose that has taught me not to fight with my practice but to flow with it.
Based in: Bogotá, Colombia


My spiritual journey began 18 years ago when I started meditation through Surat Shab Yoga. Since then, I frequently  travel to India to enhance my practice. 16 years ago, I decided to complement my meditation practice with Yoga asana and have integrated it since.  I am very grateful I had a meditation and Yoga practice during my pregnancies and years of motherhood because they kept me  centered, connected and able to share these practices with my soulmate and life partner and three daughters.

While in India I was taught some basic concepts about Ayurveda. It interested me. I read more and sought out ways in which to learn more. Three years ago, after evaluating many options, I found Hale Pule and connected immediately with Myra and her loving, deep and sincere way of teaching. Because I'd followed a vegetarian diet for 18 years but I was experiencing digestive issues, low energy, and thyroid problems, I started with the Simple Ayurvedic Cooking then did the Agni Therapy program which changed my life in so many ways. My health, body, mind and soul connection shifted completely. It was profound. This is when I decided to start the Ayurveda Health Counselor training. In January 2022 I joined the Hale Pule team as the Marketing Coordinator. 

I find myself aligned and connected when in contact with nature. I take every opportunity to go to the countryside, taking long walks, swimming in the lovely cascades or watching the sunsets from our Andean mountains.