Uncover your unique constitution

Your constitution, meaning the particular combination of doshas that make up who you are, is as unique as your fingerprints. Understanding how the doshas work within you is a lifelong journey of exploring cause and effect.

The dosha questionnaire is a nice introduction to Ayurveda and the concept of the doshas, which are based on the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ethers. Through this questionnaire you’ll get to know more about how the doshas create and influence your mind, body and emotions. 

The questionnaire will give you a preliminary assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution but the results are not definitive. Think of it as a tool for assessing the prominent doshas to know your tendencies and to get an idea of any health imbalances.  Sometimes the questionnaire results are incorrect or misleading - it depends on how clearly you’re able to see yourself. The best thing to do is to treat this as a learning opportunity.

Often, people become attached or identified with their prominent dosha characteristics, and tend to focus on the imbalanced characteristics of that dosha.  Know that you are not your dosha.  We have the ability to evolve and transform as human beings, in our thinking and living. Your personality can transform. So can your physical body.

For a conclusive answer on your constitution, or prakruti and your current condition, vikruti, we advise you to complete Ayurvedic health consultation with an experienced practitioner before undertaking any treatment. Health  consultations include a comprehensive look at your unique constitution,  medical history, family history, current imbalances and overall emotional, physical and mental state.

Ready for the dosha questionnaire?

Select one answer from each category of traits that best describe you.

You can do this questionnaire twice.

  1. To determine your prakruti, your unique constitution at conception, select answers you identify most with throughout your life. 
  2. To get a sense of your vikruti,  your current condition, take the questionnaire again and answer based on how you feel now and in the recent past. Your answers may be similar or very different.

Beyond the dosha questionnaire

A person’s first experience with Ayurveda is often marked by taking a dosha questionnaire. The results usually include lists of foods and activities to avoid for your dosha (or products to buy). But living according to a black-and-white list is opposite of what Ayurveda offers. 

The most powerful lesson this ancient science shares is how to align ourselves to the rhythm of nature. Nature fluctuates by the day and the season, and our bodies and minds follow suit. Narrowing the foods you eat to a specific list or relying only on external remedies to bring balance can lead to a sense of deprivation, and may cause greater imbalances in reaction. 

Dosha questionnaires can be helpful guides if you use them with viveka, discernment, but when you pay attention, you’ll see that you experience the doshas differently throughout the day and from one day to the next. Changes also come with the seasons and as you age. Understanding your state of balance is a daily practice that offers great empowerment and insight.

keep exploring