About Mandy


Community Guidance & Social Media Coordinator
Favorite asana: Padmasana. It’s a meditative pose, a doorway to stillness.
Based in: Remote


When I was six years old, my uncle who is from Punjab, India, would play old VHS tapes of his trips back home to the motherland. I was mesmerized. India felt like home to me, too. I knew I had to visit one day in my later years, and that I did.

My first trip to India was a beautiful introduction into Yoga. I lived with a teacher in Jaipur. One day, at 4:00 am, we drove 60 kilometers up a mountain to greet the sun in salutations. The sun rose and something in my heart blossomed. I was blissfully empty — amazed at how organic joy could bring me higher than I’ve ever felt.

I later went to study with the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center. It was there that I learned about Ayurveda and its connection to Yoga, and how you can use Ayurvedic principles to enhance the mind, body, and spirit connection. I made it a point to deepen my understanding of Ayurveda and shortly after found the Hale Pule podcast. Laying on my bed, closing my eyes, and tuning into each episode of Myra’s voice became a nightly ritual that I cherished.

I will never forget the moment where I closed my eyes, yet again to Myra’s voice as she guided a meditation, only to open them and realize she was right there in front of me. By this point, I was a member of the Hale Pule team and took on the role as Media Coordinator.

Since then, I've transitioned into being a part of the Community Guidance team at Hale Pule where I meet our prospective clients and students and help guide them to one of our offerings that will best support their needs. Meeting each and every single person has been fulfilling beyond words.

Following my dharma has led me to all the places I need to be. I am deeply inspired by my team and the work that we dedicate ourselves to.

My presence practices are reading, writing, and shooting film photography.

To follow my inner-knowing, indefatigably. To love this one life and everyone in it so big — this is what I am here to do.