Our approach to Ayurveda

At Hale Pule, we understand that anyone who seeks to guide others along the path of Ayurveda must fully bring these principles into their own life. This is why we offer an education that is both experiential and practical. Whether you are studying to become an Ayurvedic health counselor or training to become an Ayurvedic chef, you will learn through direct experience what it means to heal and be healed. This will guide you to work with others from a place of embodied understanding.

Studying Ayurveda with Hale Pule means stepping beyond an intellectual understanding of Ayurveda. Here, we ask you to open your intuition so you can move away from a one-size-fits-all approach and address the individual nature of each person in each unique situation. This holistic perspective brings the teachings out of the books and creates a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern life. 

Ayurveda is most powerful when used side-by-side with Yoga. All of our programs draw upon both of these sacred sciences. Using meditation, self-examination and hands-on experience, students in our Ayurveda programs understand what it means to approach life holistically. The healing they offer to their communities reflects that lived wisdom.

The Joyful Journey is a roadmap to total healing, and it forms the foundation of our programs at Hale Pule. This is a holistic approach to healing with Ayurveda and Yoga based on the understanding that everything affects everything else. As a complete system of daily practices that heal body, mind and spirit, this natural way of life is a basis for vibrant health, rejuvenation, inspiration and longevity. To embark on this journey is truly an act of self-love, and reverence for yourself as eternal spirit.

Step 1: Build your foundation


A complete system of healing with Ayurveda and Yoga, Agni Therapy is a 4-week reset for your digestion and your life.

This program offers you the opportunity for direct experience of the practices and principles of Ayurveda and Yoga. You will experience deep personal healing and gain a foundation for vibrant living. This will form a basis for you to grow and share your lived wisdom with others.

We recommend the Agni Therapy program as a foundation for all students seeking to study Ayurveda at Hale Pule.

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“There is something so special about the journey of Ayurveda - it feels new and exciting, while at the same time feeling like something I’ve known all my life and just temporarily forgotten. Ayurveda just makes sense, which is what I love about it the most!”



Step 2: Online Ayurveda certification programs

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200-hour Ayurvedic health advisor training

Share nature’s wisdom with this powerful self-paced, online Ayurveda training.

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600-hour Ayurvedic health counselor training

Become certified as an Ayurvedic healer with a unique online program that is both intuitive and practical.

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Step 3: Continuing Education in Ayurveda

one-on-one mentoring in Ayurveda

Receive personalized guidance on special topics in Ayurveda.

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Study Ayurveda in person

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Ayurvedic Chef training

Learn to use the healing power of food as a certified Ayurvedic chef.

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Ayurvedic treatment training

Learn time-proven holistic techniques to remove toxins, relieve stress and balance doshas.

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“My time at Hale Pule was amazing and completely transformative. The staff are all incredible in their own unique and beautiful ways, connecting with each of us students in a way that supported a nurturing space for true personal and professional growth. They have carefully curated a special (if not magical) environment with intention and purpose to open our spirits and focus our minds. I am forever grateful for my experience there and blessed to have been able to attend.”

— D.D.

Short online Ayurveda programs