Hale Pule and Oneworld Ayurveda

Panchakarma is a comprehensive healing experience based on the science of Ayurveda. To prepare for your Pancharkarma experience, One World Ayurveda and Hale Pule offer you a comprehensive and holistic offering, Agni Therapy. 



Why Agni Therapy?


Panchakarma is a comprehensive healing experience based on the science of Ayurveda. 


For utmost transformative panchakarma results, Oneworld Ayurveda recommends preparing for your panchakarma with Agni Therapy. 


Agni therapy is an online offering that walks you through the steps of reducing toxic load, balancing the doshas, dissolving cravings and ailments that are holding you back. 


Agni Therapy is the ultimate preparation for panchakarma. It will awaken your body and mind’s ability to receive deep healing during your time at Oneworld Ayurveda. 


Arrive at Oneworld Ayurveda primed for profound change. 


As a Oneworld Ayurveda guest, you will receive XXX % off the regular price of Agni Therapy. 


With lifetime access to the program, Agni Therapy provides you with the resources and tools to incorporate the practices of Ayurveda and Yoga into your home life both before and after panchakarma. 

Learn how to resolve the cause of your health challenges.


Heal your digestion and your body by taking a genuinely holistic approach. Eliminate the true root cause, build your immunity and enhance your vitality as you experience your whole being joyful, light, and free. You will ultimately align with your vision...the true vision of yourself.

Digestive problems are affecting so many people.


Are you struggling with:

  • symptoms of IBS; cramping, bloating, diarrhea and loose stools, constipation or straining, reflux and flatulence
  • anxiety or depression without circumstance
  • skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • losing weight and stubborn belly fat despite extensive dieting
  • female hormone imbalances from PMS, to PCOS, to endometriosis, to hormone related acne
  • an auto-immune condition and would like a starting point to resolve it with food and lifestyle
  • low energy, foggy brain and fatigue relieved by eating
  • carbohydrate cravings, low or high blood sugar, inability to miss a meal
  • finding a healthy detox and reset option

Whats included:


The ultimate framework for hormone & digestive health for digestion, hormones, skin, anxiety, weight, cravings, energy, clear mind, auto-immune, and connection with self and others.

The secrets of Agni, your hidden power, foundational Ayurvedic principles and practices (Yoga asana, pranayama, dinacharya, & more), cooking principles and simple tridoshic balance bowl system.

Daily and weekly guidance to easily implement a holistic system of essential practices for a happy, healthy life.
Mastering mindset practices, Intuitive Energy Practices or guided meditations, as well as tracking and journaling tools.

A guided Ayurvedic cleanse to reset your digestion, agni, and health.

1-on-1 Agni Therapy specialized consultation with a Hale Pule Practitioner to customize and fast track your healing journey. In my personal and professional experience, I have come to understand that real change comes with commitment so I ask that you use the consultation within 6 months of purchasing the program.

Your questions answered by our supportive and knowledgeable community guides, so you're never stuck.

Q&A recordings for when you want to go deeper.

Warm community of like-minded natural health seekers, walking the same path. You are not alone

Plus bonuses:

  • Conscious Kitchen Guide how to setup your kitchen to make cooking quick and fun.
  • Refocusing Rituals Guide for getting back on track without guilt, shame or perfectionism when old habits or distractions arise.
  • Out & About Guide tips to nourishing yourself with ease while eating out or traveling. 
  • Dine with Myra 7 days of Myra's favorite nourishing Ayurvedic recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 5 Ways You’re Lowering Your Libido without realizing it and what to do instead.
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies Guide a simple Ayurvedic home remedies toolkit for your most common needs.

About Myra

Founder of Hale Pule, School of Ayurveda and Yoga


"Hi, Myra here - let me share my story with you very briefly. All my life I struggled with my digestion and related problems, and tried everything you can possibly think of to find a solution. Most things helped only temporarily if at all. I felt desperate and reached a real low. I thought there was no way out, and wanted to quit life! When I discovered Ayurveda and Yoga as a whole system … my life turned a corner, everything lifted. Even then it took years of learning to perfect my complete solution to digestive issues which has helped thousands of people just like you. Now for the first time this complete program is available entirely online.


You can be free too. You can heal your gut, your body and your life. Imagine what your life will be like once you are free of digestive issues? How would you feel to just plan your days without a second thought about toilets or anxiety about eating? What would you do differently? Today, tomorrow, next weekend? How would carefree and confident look for you? I’m inviting you to close your eyes and really feel into that ... I promise you it's possible for you too."

Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist (AYT), Myra Lewin is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). A master yogini, Myra has amassed more than 100,000 hours of Yoga teaching experience spanning 30+ years of practice. She is also the author of the acclaimed books, Freedom in Your Relationship with Food, Simple Ayurvedic Recipes I & II, and is the host of two remarkable podcasts on holistic healing, “Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule” and “Spark Your Intuition”.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need”


Say goodbye to uncomfortable digestive symptoms


A balanced agni is the natural and effective solution for improving your digestive health and overall wellbeing.

Our approach is designed to help you embrace your feminine power and grace by balancing your body's digestive system.

No more dreading meals or feeling sluggish after eating. With a balanced agni, you'll enjoy sustained energy throughout the day and experience a sense of calmness and clarity like never before.

You'll enjoy steady moods, improved relationships, effortless focus, and optimal performance.

And the best part? You'll have the confidence of knowing exactly what to eat. By making space for your body's natural wisdom to heal from the root cause, you can achieve long-term relief from digestive discomfort and other symptoms.

Join the thousands of women who have already discovered the power of Agni Therapy and experience the transformational benefits for yourself.


You can look forward to:

Being connected with your body


"Agni Therapy gave me relief from symptoms within weeks & tools for life. I'm grateful to Myra for making these teachings so easy to understand."

Being connected with your mind


"I experience a sense of calmness & clarity, and am enjoying better moods and relationships. I can focus and perform better at work."


Be connected with your food


"I feel confident knowing exactly what to eat, uniquely for me. I look forward to eating instead of dreading it."


Living Agni Therapy, with Maki

Take a moment to watch this inspiring video created by one of our students, showcasing how Agni Therapy can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine!