About Troy


Hale Pule’s resident Vedic Astrologer
Favourite asana: I’ve been enjoying bilasana and virasana lately!


I’ve spent my life walking the roads and wondering what life was about. Most every morning and evening I’ve looked up at the sky curious as to what those lights up there are trying to tell us. After visiting almost 60 countries, many of them dozens of times, only to wander about some more and ask the “locals” a few questions, I felt I came to something of the “source” I was seeking.

It began with a study of the sky and the tradition of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. I enjoy the science of the astronomy as much as the symbolic language of the astrology. I felt I had begun to find a map of understanding myself. I imagine there is no end to ones earthly understanding of Jyotisha, and my wondering continues to guide me. More excitingly it allows me to meet so many new beings from all across the planet.

As my curiosity grew with Astrology I started to make a bunch of connections between where the moon was, and our physiological being. Then with Mars, then Jupiter, and so on. I started to see how the transits of the planets raise and lower our body vibrations. The planets led me back to earth, back home to my body to see my inner cosmos. I headed off to Thailand for a formal traditional (vs Neo) Shiva Tantra Yogic study and ultimately certified as a teacher. I found it so good to be home in my body.

This really got me excited to continue my understanding of the world. Seeing the food gong in my body as fuel and making connections to how I feel when aligned with the stars above sensitized my body and my soul. Fate is something of master of all. It had so happened that for most of my life i return to the island of Kauai. In fact I have so much love for the island, its the only land I would call home. Would you be surprised to hear in a global search for just the right place to learn about Ayurveda, I’d only have to go as far as just down the road. I had done some studying with Dr. Ladd and his teachers in New Mexico, considered a few teachings in India, Thailand, 2 on the US mainland - and then I met Myra and Hale Pule. Immediately I knew I had found my teacher. With Hale Pule’s global presence and my global curiosity, I could see right away this was the path for me.

I decided to commit to learning as much as I can and offering this to others just as much as I’ve decided to hold this commitment to myself and how I experience my own life. It allows me to have love for others just as I do for myself and in so feel the love of life in all forms.

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