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Thanks so much for taking a little time to tell me about your eating patterns.


Based on what you’ve shared with me today, it looks like the hidden obstacle that is blocking you from experiencing true food freedom is that you really feel STUCK, which is caused by currently imbalanced kapha dosha.


Kapha dosha is made up of the elements of earth and water. 


It’s everywhere in nature, and in you, too! Its primary responsibility in your body and mind is stability. 


In balance, kapha dosha gives endurance, sweetness and a sense of calm. 


But when there is too much of it, you tend to feel like your emotions are running your life. You may feel a sense of heaviness and you have trouble staying motivated even when you really do want change in life.


Your relationship with food tends to be an emotional one. You may often find yourself eating a lot in times of stress or sadness as a way to feel better, or simply eating because you feel bored. 


You really enjoy food and don’t want to miss out so weight loss plans don’t tend to work out for you for long. 


Overeating can be a problem, and sometimes you find it difficult to stop eating even though you know it's bad for you.


If you’ve been exploring Ayurveda, you may have been aware that kapha imbalance has had some impact on you. 


Perhaps you have already experimented with ways to calm the doshas without getting very far. 


But let me tell you that lots of the common suggestions out there, like long lists of foods you CAN’T have, are usually incomplete, and give limited results. 


This is because they don’t offer a fully holistic approach.


A holistic approach is really a mind-set shift which means you need to look at a situation from all angles and understand how all of the pieces work together as a WHOLE. 

So while I can say that kapha dosha is playing a big role in your issues with food, here’s what I see as the deepest source of the problem - the mahagunas.


The mahagunas of rajas and tamas are energies that cause serious disturbance in the mind, and lead you to make choices that don’t serve your highest good when it comes to your eating.


How does that work exactly? Let me explain.


Rajas is the energy of action.  


That’s what has you turning to food to try to cover up feelings, instead of focusing on the KEY shifts you need to make inside in order to really experience freedom in your relationship with food and in your life.


Tamas is the energy of inertia. 


It’s what stifles your motivation. It keeps you stuck where you are, in the old ways ways you know aren’t bringing you health and joy in life.


I suspect that you are experiencing issues related to both excess rajas and tamas, and this is what has you stuck in a love-hate relationship with food.


So the thing is, if you really want to resolve this once and for all you need to get to the core of the issue. 


It’s understanding these energies of the mind, the unseen forces that pull you in directions you don’t actually want to go.


I know you’ve been trying for a long time to feel good in your body. 


You’re making your best efforts, trying to do all the right things and getting nowhere. It’s not right!


What you’ve been missing is this unique insight I’m offering into your mind. 


When you understand what causes rajas and tamas, then you can calm your mind, stop experiencing food as something that both causes and solves all of your problems.


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I look forward to connecting with you.





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