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Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga

Agni Therapy | Expansive | 40% DISCOUNT

Agni Therapy | Expansive | 40% DISCOUNT

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Ultimate hormone & digestive health
Guided fast track to easily implement a holistic system of essential practices for a happy, healthy life

Works for digestion, hormones, skin, anxiety, weight, cravings, energy, clear mind, auto-immune, and connection with self and others

4-week guided program with life changing wisdom and healing practices; includes a guided Ayurvedic cleanse to reset your digestion and health

1-1 Agni Therapy specialized consultation with a Hale Pule Practitioner to customize and fast track your healing journey

Your questions answered by our supportive and knowledgeable community guides, so you're never stuck + Q&A recordings for when you want to go deeper

Warm community of like-minded natural health seekers, walking the same path. You are not alone.


  • ​Conscious Kitchen Guide how to setup your kitchen to make cooking quick and fun for self healers with a full schedule
  • ​Refocusing Rituals Guide for getting back on track from old habits or distractions without guilt, shame or perfectionism 
  • ​Out & About Guide tips to nourishing yourself with ease while eating out and traveling (recipes to go)
  • Dine with Myra 7 whole days of Myra's favorite nourishing Ayurvedic recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 5 Ways You’re Lowering Your Libido without realizing and what to do instead
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies Guide simple Ayurvedic home remedies for your most common needs
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