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“I tried to find all my joy in eating… but it’s not really fulfilling. My memory got better and I’m moving towards my optimal health, my full vitality. It’s like becoming yourself, but the best version!” - Carlijn

"If I was stressed, I was eating. If I was super excited, I was eating. If I was sad, I was eating! Now I see food as something that nourishes and supports me and is not a way for me to deal with my emotions”  - Nicole

This makes me feel whole on all levels" - Madelon

I came to Ayurveda because of the physical symptoms - 

IBS, gut disbiosis, leaky gut, food intolerances, allergies, extreme bloating, inflammation, the list goes on. 

I thought my relationship with food was completely fine and had nothing to do with it - I actually felt resistance to exploring this

Well, it turned out there was A LOT under the surface. After so much searching & trying everything, I finally found the root cause of it all. 

Ayurveda and Yoga taught me the principles from nature and gave me tools to guide myself back to a place of balance. 

My biggest transformation was not just physical, mental or emotional. It was spiritual. I developed faith, in myself and in life. 

This makes me feel whole on all levels and able to enjoy the flow of life with great contentment. I'm so grateful for Myra and Hale Pule for sharing this great wisdom.   Madelon, Sweden

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

You make this investment at NO RISK because you’re covered by my personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

I am so confident that if you apply the information in this program and if you give the strategies an honest effort, YOU'LL SEE HUGE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE.

So I invite you to learn and apply the tools we share in the program. Participate in the group coaching sessions and ask for help. Give yourself a chance, give the process your 100% including completing the daily wellness tracking journal.

If during the first week you don’t feel that the program is for you, I ask that you reach out to hyrf@halepule.com within 7 days of purchase to request a refund, giving a little bit of context about your request, and we’ll issue you a prompt refund. This refund excludes any 1-1 consultation should one have taken place.


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