Help us continue to bring menstrual supplies to women and girls in need.

117.5 MILLION INDIAN WOMEN are without access to menstruation products and have to make do with rags, rolled up toilet paper, or nothing at all.

These substitutes are unhygienic and unreliable. They frequently cause infection, bad smell, leaks, and shame in a culture where periods are already taboo.

Many women are forced to stay home during their period. Taking time away from education and work increases the gender equity gap and the absence of needed menstrual supplies continues.

But with access to menstruation products, everything changes. It means education, health, and a better future for women and their children.

We're not only helping menstruating women but future generations of women who will one day enter menstruation.

In our first fundraiser, we raised over $8,000 USD and brought organic cotton pads to women and girls in need.

Watch the video below to see where your donations went.

But we’re not stopping there…

The need for menstrual supplies is still high. Our mission is to continue bridging this gap with the help of our partners and you — the Hale Pule Community.

We’re Stronger Together

Our first mission was reaching a community in need in Hyderabad, India. Now we’re heading to another community in Coimbatore, India to continue our mission in helping women and girls receive needed  menstrual supplies.

Whats Next

Our next endeavour is delivering bags of food to women without means in remote villages and jungle in India. To be informed about how you can be a part of this, make sure to join our mailing list here.