Dear Dharma Seeker



Uncover 5 Blockers that are Stifling Your Life’s Purpose 
& How to Dissolve them with Ease.

Dharma is your mission and purpose in life.


It’s what lights you up. It’s what calls you and fulfills you.


It’s that feeling you have when you’re nourishing yourself and others.


It’s when your work is love… made visible. 


Do you feel inspired to live your dharma but you’re afraid to take the next step?


Are you ready to uncover what’s blocking you from following your heart and fulfilling your purpose?


Join us for a free workshop on living your dharma. We’ll uncover 5 challenges you need to overcome to follow the calling of the heart to guide and uplift others.

This workshop is for you if...


You’re feeling called to step into your true life’s purpose but you feel unsure or held back for any reason.

You’re trying to figure out what your life purpose is, but a sense of responsibility towards others, or other people’s opinions, are getting in the way.

You think that working as an Ayurvedic healer might be the path your heart is calling out for, but you’re just not sure yet.

Start your journey with us.



Free yourself to live your best life.



Discover which of these 5 unseen blockers is holding you back from the life you’re meant to live.



Receive tools for releasing blockages so that you can step into your purpose. 

Meet your guide


Hi, I’m Myra.


A lot of people walk around looking for passion, something that will make them feel fulfilled. 


I was one of those people. I was always looking around on the outside for the thing that would make me feel like I was really living. I raced cars as a teenager, then I ran marathons. I collected degrees, and then I built a successful corporate career. I became one of the first female VPs in the United States, and had all of the perks that came along with that. 


None of it made me happy.


In fact, it all made me sick. I was diagnosed with a debilitating illness and then I had no choice but to let go of what wasn’t working and choose a new path. 


I found Yoga and then Ayurveda, ancient practices that nourished me on the deepest level, and allowed me to find out who I really am and tune into the genuine joy that is always available to me, moment to moment. 


I’ve been sharing these practices for 30 years, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Master Yoga teacher. Along with a wonderful team, I’ve also created a school and healing center called Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga. I’m living my dharma as a healer and a teacher, and it would be an honor to guide you to do the same.


It begins with your beliefs. And we’re going to uncover exactly which ones are blocking you in this session.

Empower yourself to live your Dharma.