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Thanks so much for taking a little time to tell me about your eating patterns.


Based on what you’ve shared with me today, it looks like the hidden obstacle that is blocking you from experiencing true food freedom is SELF-DOUBT, which is caused by currently imbalanced vata dosha.


Vata dosha is made up of the elements of air and ethers. It’s everywhere in nature, and in you, too! Its primary responsibility in your body and mind is movement. 


In balance, it gives creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. You’re able to adapt and go with the flow. 


But when there's too much of it, it’s hard to stick to one thing because you doubt your choices. 


Sometimes your thoughts move so quickly you might have trouble keeping up. You find yourself wanting to do a little bit of everything, and then feeling overwhelmed by taking on too much.


When it comes to food freedom and finding what works for your body, you've probably tried all kinds of things and you might find yourself worrying a lot about what to eat


Sometimes you build a healthy routine and see some results, but then you don’t stick with it for long. 


Perhaps because you're too busy to keep up with it, or because you doubt that it’s really working and you feel too restricted, like you’re missing out on what makes you happy. 

Then you go back to the old ways of eating that don’t make you feel good.


If you’ve been exploring Ayurveda, you may have been aware that vata imbalance has had some impact on you. Perhaps you have already experimented with ways to calm the doshas without getting very far. 


But let me tell you that lots of the common suggestions out there, like long lists of foods you CAN’T have, are usually incomplete, and give limited results. 


This is because they don’t offer a fully holistic approach.

A holistic approach is really a mind-set shift which means you need to look at a situation from all angles and understand how all of the pieces work together as a WHOLE. 


So while I can say that vata dosha is playing a big role in your issues with food, here’s what I see as the deepest source of the problem - the mahagunas.


The mahagunas of rajas and tamas are energies that cause serious disturbance in the mind, and lead you to make choices that don’t serve your highest good when it comes to your eating.


How does that work exactly? Let me explain.


Rajas is the energy of action. 


It’s what has you out there trying to change everything on the outside instead of focusing on the KEY shifts you need to make inside in order to really experience freedom in your relationship with food and in your life.


Tamas is the energy of inertia.


It’s what you fall into when you’re just totally EXHAUSTED by trying everything and getting nowhere. Tamas is what has you give up and go back to the old ways that don’t serve you.


I suspect that you're experiencing issues related to both excess rajas and tamas, and this is what has you stuck in a cycle of seeking a new path, doubting your choices, giving up, and feeling defeated.


So the thing is, if you really want to resolve this once and for all you need to get to the core of the issue.


It’s understanding these energies of the mind, the unseen forces that pull you in directions you don’t actually want to go.


I know you’ve been trying for a long time to feel good in your body.


You’re making your best efforts, trying to do all the right things and getting nowhere. 

It’s not right!


What you’ve been missing is this unique insight I’m offering into your mind.


When you understand what causes rajas and tamas, then you can calm your mind, stop doubting yourself and release yourself from food prison.


Working with nature

When we're not aware of the forces of nature and how they affect us, it's like trying to 'swim upstream', without even realizing that there are other options available to us. 

So too when it comes to our food and health related behaviors. In our programs (Agni Therapy / Ayurvedic Health Counselor / Ayurvedic Health Advisor) I show you how to make conscious life giving choices in what and how you eat, so you can work with nature and experience true freedom in your relationship with food.

I look forward to exploring these food freedom keys with you in our upcoming emails.  





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